Your Guide To The Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Your Guide To The Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (2)

The Inogen One G5 Oxygen Concentrator is the latest oxygen delivery device from Inogen. Building off the success of other products in the Inogen One line, the Inogen One G5 Oxygen Concentrator brings several new additions while still maintaining the high-quality design you'd expect from an Inogen product. 

Whether you've used other products in the Inogen One line or this is your first time searching for an oxygen concentrator, this guide will help you determine if the Inogen One G5 is right for you. In the following sections, we'll take a look at what this new device has to offer, as well as some of the accessories being offered alongside it.


What's New With The G5 Oxygen Concentrator?

The Inogen One G5 is one of the most advanced portable oxygen concentrators on the market.

If you have COPD, pneumonia, asthma, or any other lung condition that requires you to use an oxygen concentrator, you know that the quality and reliability of your device has an immense impact on your ability to live life freely and on your own terms.


If you're on a trip or away from home for an extended period of time, you need assurance that your portable oxygen concentrator will work for you, not against you. Fortunately, the Inogen One G5 improves on some key aspects that allow for more convenience and reliability in your day-to-day life.


Compact And Lightweight

Weight and size are two of the most important factors that go into making the best portable oxygen concentrators. Without a small form factor, you may not be able to do the things you love or go where you please. And without a lightweight device, you'd become fatigued more quickly, preventing you from achieving your full potential. 


The G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator boasts the highest oxygen output per pound of any concentrator approved for the U.S. homecare market. This, coupled with the advanced Intelligent Delivery Technology® found in G5 concentrators, ensures that your oxygen is always delivered efficiently and effectively. 


The G5 measures in at just 7.19 inches long, 3.26 inches wide, and 8.15 inches tall with the single battery. This means that you can carry it wherever you go without it being too cumbersome or getting in the way. Additionally, it's certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for in-flight use. 


Improved Battery Life

With the Inogen One G4, you could expect to achieve about 2.7 hours of battery life from the G4 Single Battery and up to 5 hours of battery life with the G4 Double Battery. However, with the G5 Single Battery, you'll get 6.5 hours of battery life and with the G5 Double Battery, you'll get up to 13 hours of use on one charge.


What this means is that with the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator, you'll be able to accomplish more without having to go back home and charge your battery. Additionally, using accessories like the Inogen One G5 DC Power Supply will ensure that you're able to charge your device anywhere you go.


Below is the expected battery life depending on your flow setting.


Flow Setting 8-Cell Battery 16-Cell Battery
1 6 1/2 hours 13 hours
2 5 hours 10 hours
3 3 1/2 hours 7 hours
4 2 1/2 hours 5 hours
5 1 hr 51 mins 3 hr 48 mins
6 1 hr 26 mins 2 hr 58 mins


Sleep Mode Technology

Your oxygen intake is just as important while you're sleeping as it is during the day. However, respiratory rates also tend to decrease while you're sleeping. To account for this, the G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator will increase its bolus size (oxygen dosage) while breathing rates are low. Once you wake up and resume your everyday activities, your device will readjust.   


Intuitive Controls

Many people worry that their portable oxygen concentrator will be too difficult to operate and that they'll need to stop what they're doing to adjust their device often. However, one of the key benefits of the G5 Oxygen Concentrator is its ease of use.


On the control panel, you'll find buttons to adjust the audio levels, flow rate, audible alerts, and power the device on or off. The display will show you your remaining battery life, flow rate, and errors. If you're in an area with minimal lighting, simply tap the power button and it will activate the back light for 15 seconds. 

The G5 control interface is simple and easy to use.

Despite the compact size of the G5, it offers six flow settings up from three flow settings offered by the G4. This gives you more customization in the way you adjust your oxygen treatment settings. Be sure to speak with your doctor to determine which setting will be best for you.


Inogen Connect Integration

Do you want your Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrator to be even more simple and convenient to use? With Inogen Connect, you can manage your oxygen anywhere, anytime, and with as little hassle as possible.


This free app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and allows you to check your battery life, monitor column life status, perform column resets when replacing columns, and much more. You can even access your user manual through the app and be notified about maintenance reminders. This will give you one less thing to worry about while you're out and about.

Inogen Connect makes it simple to manage your oxygen concentrator.


Improve Your Experience With G5 Accessories

Like other iterations of the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator, the G5 was released alongside a whole slew of helpful accessories that will allow you to customize your oxygen therapy experience while on the go. And like the G5 unit itself, G5 accessories are designed to be lightweight and easy to use and store. Let's take a look at some of the G5 accessories we currently have available.


Single And Double Batteries

Each Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator comes with a battery pack, however, if you need a backup power source, both G5 Single Batteries and G5 Double Batteries are sold separately. Replacing a battery is as simple as pulling the battery pack off your oxygen concentrator and snapping on the new one.


The G5 Single Battery will provide you with up to 6.5 hours of battery life on one charge while on a flow setting of 1. The G5 Double Battery will provide you with up to 13 hours of battery life on a single charge on a flow setting of 1.

G5 batteries will provide extended battery life.

AC And DC Power Supplies

Do you want to be able to charge your G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator while simultaneously using it? The G5 AC and DC power supplies allow you to do just that. 


No matter which battery pack you have installed on your concentrator, the G5 AC power supply will allow you to charge it through any wall outlet while simultaneously using all the normal functions of the unit. The DC power supply does the same thing but allows you to plug into a cigarette lighter in your car, truck, or SUV.


Both the G5 AC Power Supply and G5 DC Power Supply are light and won't add too much bulk to your carrying bag or the glove compartment in your car.

AC and DC power supplies allow you to charge your device wherever you go.

External Battery Charger

If you've been looking for a way to charge your Inogen One G5 batteries without having them attached to your oxygen concentrator, the external battery charger is for you. The external battery is easy to set up: simply plug it into any wall outlet. When you're ready to charge, plug in your G5 Single Battery or G5 Double Battery.   


You can tell when your battery is fully charged by looking at the LED lights on the external battery charger. Once the green light is on, it's fully charged and you can remove it. This is perfect for when you want to have two or more fully-charged batteries for a long trip.

External battery charges allow you to charge your device faster.


G5 Backpack

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Inogen One G5 Backpack. This ultra lightweight backpack was designed specifically for holding your G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator and accessories. It has a thermoformed shell for stability and protection, padded and adjustablee straps for comfort, and plenty of room for your personal belongings.


Your G5 will fit snugly in the back pouch and you'll be able to access the LED screen and control panel easily. There are separate pouches for your power supplies, extra batteries, and external batteries, and the main compartment can be used to store personal belongings. With the G5 backpack, you'll be able to do all the activities you love without worrying about your oxygen concentrator.  

The G5 backpack is an all-in-one storage pack for all your G5 products.


We're happy to bring you the latest and greatest products in the Inogen One line and provide you with solutions that are well-adapted to your unique needs and lifestyle. The Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is just one of many options available to you. 


Whether you're suffering with COPD, sleep apnea, peumonia, or other respiratory complications, you should know that you're not alone and you have options. Oxygen therapy is one great way to help you regain the freedom you once had in your life and continue to enjoy all your favorite activities.


If you've never purchased an oxygen concentrator before, note that a prescription is required and we highly recommend that you continue to keep in touch with your doctor for all questions pertaining to oxygen therapy.

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