Watch this Video Comparing the GCE Zeno Lite VS. the Inogen One G5

Comparing the GCE Zeno Lite VS. the Inogen One G5


There are a lot of great options when it comes to choosing a portable oxygen concentrator from LPT Medical. We stock only the most reputable and highest quality oxygen devices on the market but we offer our customers the lowest price because we are a local family owned business. We are based in Denver Colorado but we ship our device nationwide overnight! 



When it comes to supplemental oxygen therapy there are a few things you as an oxygen user have no control over. First, the degree of your condition, or the severity of your illness is what will determine your oxygen flow rate. Your doctor will take you through a variety of test to indicate your oxygen prescription.  




Whether or not you need your oxygen 24/7 your oxygen device must be trustworthy and safe. 


So what makes an oxygen device trustworthy and safe? 


First and foremost, portable oxygen concentrators are the safest oxygen devices you can own because they do not have a reservoir of oxygen gas collected inside of them, instead there is a battery and a filter. 




The battery and filter work together to extract air from the surroundings to compress it into medical grade oxygen that you will use to breathe. 


Unlike tanks and canisters, you are able to travel by plane with your concentrator, and rest assured you will be getting plenty of oxygen on all of your travel endeavors. 


traveling with oxygen -jpg


Now, the truth of the matter is that once you have an oxygen prescription, you will be sorted into one of two categories- either a pulse flow oxygen user or a continuous flow oxygen user, and in some cases, people need both.


If you need both, you are technically in the continuous flow user category because your oxygen device will need to operate continuously but pulse flow machines are incapable of this operation while continuous oxygen devices can do both! 


This article is for all of the pulse flow oxygen users out there who are looking to get the biggest bang for their buck, but also want to be sure all of their oxygen needs are met. 


For these people, we created this video below that will go through the differences between two of the best pulse flow portables on the market today, the Inogen One G5 and the GCE Zeno Lite.


Now, after watching his video, and if it is still not abundantly clear which oxygen device you think would work better for you, simply reach out to the experts at LPT Medical. Our respiratory specialists work with customers day and night to ensure all of their oxygen requirements are met with our devices.


Also, these devices are simple to use, however, new technology can always be slightly confusing. If you recently bought a device from us and have any questions about how to operate the device, changes to your oxygen prescription, or anything under the sun, don't hesitate to call us at 1(800)-946-1202. 




The rest of this blog will outline what was talked about in the video of anyone who is hard of hearing and prefers to read!

Similarities of the One G5 and the Zeno Lite

Both of the One G5 and the Zeno List are easy to use pulse flow portable oxygen concentrators. 


Lungs & POC


They are lightweight and easy to carry over your shoulder! Both are compact and small compared to any oxygen tank, so these devices can go with you anywhere. 


Both come with 3 year warranty on the device and 1 year warranty on accessories. 


Both devices are FAA approved for travel so you can bring either of them on an airplane with you.


Caire freestyle comfort packing for travel  (1)


It is important now to go through all of the differences between the one G5 and the Zeno Lite so you are able to make an educated decision about which device you want to purchase.



Difference of the One G5 and the Zeno Lite


Weight differences

The Inogen one G5 

The One G5 weighs 4.7 pounds. It is one of the lightest pulse flow devices that is able to maintain a high flow rate for oxygen users that require a certain flow rate. 


one g5 backpack


The Zeno Lite 

The Zeno lite weighs 5.5 pounds. So while it is slightly heavier than the One G5, is is not heavy, and with the help of the Custom Carrying Case, Padded Shoulder Strap, and the Padded Handle Strap it too is easy to bring with you wherever life takes you.

Dimensions of the unit 

The Inogen One G5

The one G5 stands at 8.15" H x 7.19" L x 3.26" W


Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The GCE Zeno Lite

The GCE Zeno Lite stands at 9.25” H x 3.8” D x 9.8” W


It is easy to see these dimensions in the video above, and you can compare the size of the devices as they sit next to each other. 



Settings of the units 

The Inogen One G5 

When it comes to portable oxygen concentrators, many of our customer’s oxygen demands cannot be satisfied due to the lack of pulse flow settings.


With the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator that will not be a problem, as this device offers pulse flow settings of 1-6!


So as your breathing rate and requirements change depending on if you are laying in bed or exercising, the Inogen One G5 has the ability to satisfy your oxygen demands.


The GCE Zeno Lite 

The Zen-O Lite offers a high oxygen output to accommodate as many oxygen users as possible.


It offers pulse flow settings 1-5 that can be adjusted in 0.5 increments. So whether you’re exercising, feeling sick, or are experiencing an exacerbation you will be able to increase the machine’s oxygen output to get the oxygen you need. 


Just remember to check with your doctor before you increase the flow rate on your machine.





Battery life 


Comfort Power Plug In


The Inogen One G5 

The Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator is lighter and offers an even longer battery life than the Inogen One G3. Below is the expected battery life of the Inogen One G5:



The GCE Zeno Lite 

Battery life is one of the most important features of a portable oxygen concentrator. More battery life equals more freedom and independence. Well, the GCE Zen-O Lite has you covered!


On a setting of 2, the Zen-O Lite gets up to 4 hours of battery life on a single charge and the standard package comes with two batteries to give you up to 8 hours of battery life! Unlike other manufacturers who offer different battery sizes, GCE wanted to keep the Zen-O Lite as light as possible. With the other manufacturers, the larger battery option adds unwanted weight to the machine.


Sound level 




The Inogen One G5 

The sound level of the One 5 offers a 39 dBA when it is set to a setting of 2. 


The GCE Zeno Lite 

One of the most impressive components of the GCE Zen-O Lite is that it is whisper quiet! It is hands down one of the quietest portable oxygen concentrators we’ve ever heard. The noise of portable oxygen concentrators can sometimes bother certain oxygen users, if this includes you, it is time to give the Zeno Lite a try!


On a setting of 2, the GCE Zen-O Lite only registers at 37 dBA! You will be able to go to the movies, go to church, or have a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant without worrying about your concentrator making much noise all around you.



Bonus features 

The Inogen One G5 

The bonus features of the One G5 start with reaping the benefits of oxygen therapy at night, while you sleep. Thanks to the presence of Inogen’s intelligent Sleep Mode Technology.


Essentially what this means is that as your breathing rate becomes more shallow as you sleep, the Sleep Mode Technology will go to work by increasing each bolus dose of oxygen.


Even if you are a mouth breather, the Sleep Mode Technology is able to detect shallow mouth breaths that are frequent when sleeping. This will then tell the Inogen One G5 to trigger a bolus dose based upon your specific fixed minute volume. 


Now, most of our customers are able to use this technology to sleep with the Inogen One G5, 


The GCE Zeno Lite 

The big bonus you get from using the Zen-O Lite is the easy to use technology. The control panel makes using the machine extremely simple. The control panel is equipped with a bright, easy-to-read display. And unlike other units on the market, the display is easy to read in direct sunlight, dim lighting, and in the dark!





Along with the easy-to-read display, the Zen-O Lite is equipped with 5 large push buttons. You probably won’t even need to put your glasses on to see which button you want to press! The control panel is equipped with:


  • Power Button
  • Battery Life Button
  • Alarm Muting Button
  • Flow Rate Up Button
  • Flow Rate Down Button


One of our favorite features on the control panel is the real-time battery display. On the LCD display screen, your Zen-O Lite will show you the oxygen setting you are using along with a battery life indicator on the right-hand side. However, if you press the battery life button you will get a real-time display showing you exactly how much battery life you have left!


As a long-term oxygen user, you are in charge of your oxygen intake. There are not always doctors or nurses around you to tell you how to do it, or how much oxygen you need. This can be a lot of pressure for some people, and if that include you, one way to take the pressure off is to have an oxygen device that does the work for you.


The Inogen One G5 and The GCE Zeno Lite are pulse flow devices that will make your life as a long-term oxygen patient easier. Us here at LPT Medical are also here to help! 


Call us at 1(800)-946-1201 with any questions about these devices and we will be happy to help in anyway that we can!  

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