The Inogen One G5: Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrator Designed for 24/7 Use


Some people need a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator, meaning your oxygen device detects when you are taking a breath-in, and the machine releases the correct dose of medical-grade purified oxygen.

While oxygen tanks do offer pulse flow settings, you would have to sacrifice your personal freedom to travel or be active due to the restrictive nature of a medical oxygen tank.

Instead you have the option to maintain independence and personal freedom by using the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator. This device only weighs 4.7 pounds, and is the size of a regular handbag. It even comes with a carrying case, like an over-the-shoulder bag that is sleek and stylish.

You will no longer have to worry about refilling your oxygen tanks. The Inogen One G5 restores your mobility with its portable size, delivering a pulse flow settings up to 6, and it is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

There are major advantages of owning or renting the Inogen one G5:

  1. Weighs only 4.7 pounds
  2. Long lasting battery life for extended mobility
  3. Uninterrupted oxygen therapy
  4. Sleep mode technology for a delivery of oxygen therapy while you sleep
  5. Powerful pulse flow settings available for exercising, sleeping, severe COPD cases, and emergencies 
  6. It is designed for 24/7 use




Inogen One G5 when you’re active


The one G5 is now capable of reaching a flow setting of 6, which makes it the most powerful oxygen concentrator available by Inogen, even surpassing their stationary concentrator.

While a higher flow setting might seem like a gimmick if you only need a low setting, there is a benefit to the higher liter flow setting for almost anyone requiring supplemental oxygen. Exercising with COPD can be a challenge because of the higher utilization of oxygen by your muscles, which means you will need to take in more oxygen during your exercise routine.

If your device is not capable of reaching higher liter flows, you might be stuck limiting your exercise routine or only exercising at home where you can use your stationary oxygen device.

With 6 liter flow settings, the Inogen One G5 gives you even more capacity for getting the oxygen you need during exercise so you can go farther without needing to limit your routine.


Inogen One G5 in Cases of Emergency


Additionally, during emergencies, you might need more oxygen than you are typically prescribed with. Although the best strategy for dealing with an emergency is to call 911 or visit your local emergency room, there is greater peace of mind knowing that your portable oxygen device can go higher in liter flow until you can be seen and treated by a doctor or paramedic.




Inogen One G5 at Night


You will be able to enjoy these same oxygen delivery benefits at night while you sleep thanks to the presence of Inogen’s intelligent Sleep Mode Technology.

Essentially what this means is that as your breathing rate becomes more shallow as you sleep, the Sleep Mode Technology will go to work by increasing each bolus dose of oxygen.

Even if you are a mouth breather, the Sleep Mode Technology is able to detect shallow mouth breaths that are frequent when sleeping. This will then tell the Inogen One G5 to trigger a bolus dose based upon your specific fixed minute volume.

Now, most of our customers are able to use this technology to sleep with the Inogen One G5, however, we highly recommend you first speak with your doctor before using this while sleeping.


Inogen One G5 when you are traveling


When it comes to portable oxygen concentrators, many people’s oxygen demands cannot be satisfied due to the lack of pulse flow settings. With the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator that will not be a problem, as this device offers pulse flow settings of 1-6.

That being said, if the setting is set to 6 the battery’s life span will not last as long as it would if the setting was set to 2.

As you go about your day your breathing rate and requirements change depending on if you are laying in bed or exercising. Your doctor will tell you when your setting needs to be adjusted depending on your activity level, if at all. No matter the case, the Inogen One G5 has the ability to satisfy your oxygen demands.

This is a table explaining the Inogen One G5 battery life depending on the setting and whether it is equipped with a single or double battery.


Oxygen concentrators designed for 247 use


Clearly the double battery gives the One G5 a valuable extension of battery life. This is a great option if you intend on traveling long distances with no source of power or people who need a strong flow setting throughout the day.

If you only need the flow setting to be high at nighttime while you are sleeping, you can have the machine plugged in and not have to worry about the battery life in that case.


Overview of the Inogen One G5 


These are the benefits as to why the Inogen One G5 is one of the most effective and versatile portable oxygen concentrators of the market. This unit has the credibility to be effective in helping people in all stages of COPD or any respiratory illness get as close to their lifestyle before they were diagnosed.   




The high pulse flow setting is great for people who need higher flow when they are exercising or while they sleep. 

The extended double battery life gives people the freedom to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, or run their errands for the day on one battery charge. 

It is FAA approved, and traveling with the One G5 is a breeze.

The light-weight and compact design gives people who struggle carrying a lot of weight the ability to move around again and re-gain the strength they once had before they were tethered to a heavy oxygen tank.  

Over-all the Inogen One G5 could really contribute to building a life, post- diagnoses, where you still feel capable, independent, and strong. 


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