Oxygen Accessories and Goodies you Get When you Buy a Caire SeQual Eclipse 5 From LPT Medical

The Caire Sequal Eclpise 5


We are excited to share with you all of the amazing qualities of the SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator. This device is the one of the best continuous flow oxygen devices available today, and this blog and video will explain to you why!




First and foremost, you should know exactly what you are getting why you buy a SeQual Eclipse 5 from LPT medical, so we created this video below for you to watch!


Alexia will unbox everything that comes with the device and explain a little bot more about this portable oxygen concentrator, and then if you continue reading, we will show you exactly what it means for you to own a device like this!



Here are some quick specifications of the SeQual Eclipse 5



-18.4 Pounds


-19.3” H x 12.3” W x 7.1” D

Flow Rate

-Continuous Flow Settings 0.5-3.0 LPM

-Pulse Flow Settings 1-9

Battery Life

-Continuous Flow Up To 2.0 Hours

-Pulse Flow Up To 5.1 Hours


-100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 12V Nominal

FAA Approved



-3 Years

Battery Life and the SeQual Eclipse 5 




One of the most favorable aspects of the SeQual Eclipse 5 is the battery life, and just the fact that the oxygen device runs on battery power means several great things for you.


1. FAA Approved 


traveling with oxygen -jpg


Because the device is battery powered, that also means it is FAA approved for travel on just about every airline! 


You can travel by plane internationally if you want, all you need is either an extra battery, or a charging cable to recharge your device! 


Caire freestyle comfort packing for travel  (1)


You can carry the device on the plane with you so you don't have to rent oxygen at the destination you are traveling to, which is a time and money saver!! While you are on the plane you have to be sure you have enough battery power to last the duration of the flight, and depending on the airline, you will have to prove to them that your portable oxygen concentrator is capable of being powered for the flight duration plus an amount of time. 


This will all be on the airlines website in their oxygen device policy or simply call and talk to a customer service representative. You can also read this article about traveling with oxygen in 2021 that will go more into detail about the ins and outs of traveling with oxygen in this day and age. 


travel -jpg


2. No more waiting around for oxygen deliveries


You have waited around and paid more money to the oxygen supply companies than you think. And once you switch to a portable oxygen concentrator it will be so obvious the time and money you save with a battery powered device.


Oxygen face mask


The SeQual Eclipse 5 doesn't run out of oxygen, and it will never need to be refilled. When the device runs low on battery, you charge it as you would a cell phone. The device is extracting the surrounding air and filtering it into medical grade oxygen, and this requires power to do so, and the more oxygen you need the more power the device requires! 


Continuous flow devices like the SeQual Eclipse 5 have a long lasting battery life compared to other continuous flow devices, and because this device also offers pulse flow operation, the battery can last very long in the pulse flow setting! 


3. Charging the device and getting your oxygen is EASY 




The Eclipse 5 has three different charging options available:


  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • External Battery Charger


The AC power supply is your best friend when it comes to powering your device for everyday use and traveling. It’s the easiest and most common charging option. It is equipped with a 110v power cord so you can plug it into any wall outlet or 110v outlet.




When using the AC power supply your Eclipse 5 battery will recharge and you will be able to use every oxygen setting even while it's charging. This means if you have a cord and a power source you have an unlimited supply of oxygen!


The DC power supply is perfect for charging and powering your concentrator on the go in the car, RV, or boat. With any continuous flow portables like the Eclipse 5, battery life is precious so having the DC power supply helps you preserve your battery life for peace-of-mind.




The DC power supply is equipped with a 12v power cord allowing you to plug it into the cigarette lighter or 12v outlet in your vehicle. Because it is a continuous flow unit and requires a lot of power there are some charging limitations: 


  • When your Eclipse 5 is plugged into the DC power supply it will operate on every oxygen setting and run off of your vehicle’s battery. 
  • Your battery will only recharge if you are using a continuous flow setting of 2.0LPM or lower
  • If you are using 2.5 or 3.0 LPM, your concentrator will run off of your vehicle’s power, but it will not recharge your battery 


The external battery charger gives you the ability to recharge your batteries without connecting your Eclipse 5 to a power supply. So if you have multiple batteries or need to get ready for a trip, the external battery charger will make charging your batteries a simple and easy process, just simply change the low battery for the fully charged one!


4. Getting Up and Moving around Is EASY 


Even for a person with a chronic lung disease exercise to the degree the patient is capable is imperative. Having an exercise routine that you set up and go over with your health care team is a great way to treat your illness and reduce the severity of your symptoms. 


Tai chi practice


Getting into the rhythm of exercising everyday is much harder if you have a cumbersome oxygen device that holds you back from your Tai Chi class or daily walk. Oxygen tanks are so heavy, and the little oxygen canisters run out of oxygen so quickly, the last thing on your mind when you have an oxygen tank is exercise. 


With the Eclipse 5 and the custom carrying cart that comes with the device, exercise won’t feel like a distant goal, it will be an attainable activity that you can accomplish everyday! 


E5 on cart


With a little bit of self-motivation and the right oxygen device to help you do the job, exercise will become a daily part of your routine! 


The Eclipse 5 is an 18.4 pound oxygen device that is packed into a sleek box like structure that can fit in the space by your feet when you are in the car or on an airplane. You can bring it with you while you walk or go to the gym and it doesn't take up much space in your home while storing the device, or while you use it to get around you home. 


5.Durable and Reliable




The last and more notable quality of the SeQual Eclipse 5 is its durability and reliability. This is why it is the most popular continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator on the market. 


That is largely due to its long-standing track record for being durable and reliable. If it’s good enough for the US Military, that should tell you something.


The hard-bodied shell of the Eclipse 5 is extremely protective. It will keep your concentrator protected from everyday wear and tear, accidental bumps and bruises, and if you have pets or grandkids in the house it will be able to withstand their crazy antics. One of the best things about the Eclipse 5 is that it requires very little maintenance from you to keep it running. All you need to do is wash your filter once every week or two depending on how often you use your Eclipse and you are good to go!


Overview of the SeQual Eclipse 5 




There are a few very important details that matter most when purchasing a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator. For starters the device should be as compact as possible. The other big plus of having a portable oxygen concentrator compared to an oxygen tank, is having a device that runs on battery power. 


These two components make a positive impact on your lifestyle, so you aren’t only getting the oxygen you need to treat your lung condition, you are simultaneously contributing to a healthier lifestyle. With a device that is easy to bring with you anywhere you go, and the ability to recharge your device anywhere and everywhere gives you the freedom to live life the way you want to.




Of course, oxygen therapy and your lung condition will present challenges everyday. But having the right tools to get through the obstacles rather than being held back is essential for a high quality life. 


A lifestyle where you can move around freely and without worry. The Caire SeQual Eclipse has the capabilities to change your life for the better! 


Simply call 1(800)-946-1201 and speak with an experienced respiratory specialist today about the Eclipse, or any of our other devices! All of our new device come with a 3 year warranty, and all of the goodies and oxygen accessories seen in the video at the top of this page!  

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