Oxlife Freedom Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Unboxing & Review


For many decades, being prescribed oxygen has meant sacrificing your freedom and independence. Oxygen tanks were the only way for respiratory patients to receive reliable medical-grade oxygen, but they were heavy, bulky, and a pain to refill. Fortunately, oxygen manufacturers like O2 Concepts came around and came up with unique innovations in order to solve the issues that oxygen patients were facing. Most notably, we saw the advent of lightweight portable oxygen concentrators in the early 2000s.  


Unlike oxygen tanks which hold oxygen within the unit, portable oxygen concentrators are electronic devices that derive oxygen from the surrounding air while removing unnecessary gases like nitrogen and argon. Oxygen manufacturers are able to make these devices much smaller and compact than oxygen tanks, and as a result, oxygen patients are able to go more places and do more things without being held back by their oxygen device.


Watch the video above as we unbox and review one of the top-rated portable oxygen concentrators on the market: the Oxlife Freedom. Then continue reading below for more specific details about this revolutionary oxygen device. Once you’re ready to start your search for a portable oxygen concentrator that meets your needs, reach out to our oxygen concentrator specialists here at LPT Medical. We’ll answer any questions you have and get you the best deal on a new, used or refurbished unit.


Pulse Dose Oxygen Delivery on the Go

One of the first things you’ll notice about Oxlife Freedom is that it has pulse dose oxygen delivery as opposed to continuous flow oxygen. So, instead of putting out oxygen in a constant stream it carefully monitors your breathing rate through the nasal cannula and delivers oxygen at the optimal moment. This has a number of advantages including extending the battery life and helping to keep the device lightweight and manageable.


Oxlife Freedom

To put this into perspective, the Oxlife Freedom weighs just 6 pounds. On the other hand, a typical continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator weighs over 10 pounds and sometimes even as much as 20 pounds. Generally speaking, most people are able to carry a portable oxygen concentrator on their shoulder if it’s under 10 pounds. Anything over that, however, and you’ll likely need to resort to a rolling cart which only adds more weight and bulk to your device.


Another great benefit the Oxlife Freedom has going for it is its small form factor. The dimensions of the Oxlife Freedom are as follows: 9.4 inches tall, 3.4 inches deep, and 9 inches wide. Whether you’re relaxing at home or out for a walk, you’ll find that the Oxlife Freedom is small enough that it won’t obstruct your movement, and if you’re going for a drive, you can easily put the device in the seat next to you without it getting in the way. Just make sure your Oxlife Freedom is secure before you start driving.


If you’re worried about using your POC while you sleep, don’t be! The Oxlife Freedom intelligent delivery system will closely monitor your breathing while you sleep. This technology even has the ability to detect shallow mouth breaths so you don’t need to worry about getting the oxygen you need while you sleep. 


Dynamic Network Analysis® (DNA) Technology

DNA is a system designed by 02 Concepts specifically for use in their Oxlife Freedom and Oxlife Independence oxygen machines. Essentially, DNA connects your concentrator to a secure proprietary network. This network enables oxygen providers and caregivers to use usage data to provide oxygen patients with a new level of customer service and efficiency. The end goal is to ensure that the oxygen patient is using oxygen as prescribed and to prevent COPD readmittance.


DNA technology


There are a host of other services that DNA provides the oxygen user. For example, it will passively monitor your equipment for changes in temperature and purity and make adjustments on the fly. The DNA technology will help you make better decisions about your oxygen concentrator maintenance and repairs so that you can proactively prevent downtime in your oxygen delivery.


Lady with oxygen concentrator


While other oxygen concentrators have implemented technologies similar to DNA technology such as Inogen Connect with the Inogen One G5 and CaireVIEW with the FreeStyle Comfort, O2 Concept’s Oxlife Freedom was technically the first “smart portable oxygen concentrator.” What’s more, DNA provides oxygen patients with many features that aren’t available with the G5 or the FreeStyle Comfort.


Sleek and Functional Design

When you’re out and about enjoying your day, the last thing you want to deal with is a complicated piece of technology. Life is busy enough with work, chores, and other responsibilities so it doesn’t make sense to invest in an oxygen device that makes your life harder. Luckily, through much trial and error, O2 Concepts has come up with a design that is sleek, functional, and easy to learn all while providing you with the oxygen you need to stay healthy.


Oxlife Freedom interface


The user interface of the Oxlife Freedom has a transflective display that makes it easy to read whether you’re inside or outside in the sunlight. The interface is also very minimalistic with only four buttons that you need to worry about. Two of them are used to adjust the oxygen flow up or down; one is used to turn the device on and off, and the last button is used for the menu. There are also a variety of different symbols that may pop up on the screen. Simply refer to the user manual that comes with your device to learn what each one means.



The Oxlife Freedom is an oxygen concentrator that’s aptly named. With the Freedom, you’ll be able to get out of the house and do more than you ever thought possible with COPD or any other lung condition. Unlike the oxygen tanks that came before it, the Oxlife Freedom is extremely lightweight, compact, and versatile. It’s also one of the first oxygen concentrators in the world to offer “smart” technology which monitors your oxygen usage, device condition, and much more in order to proactively manage your health. It also keeps you connected with medical specialists and device technicians who can help you out in case of an emergency.




While the Oxlife Freedom is an amazing portable oxygen concentrator, it’s far from the only device we would recommend to oxygen patients. We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to learn about each and every device on the market — this is why our oxygen concentrator specialists are here. Simply give us a call and we’ll walk you step-by-step in choosing an oxygen device, assisting with financing options, and even helping you collect the necessary medical paperwork. 

Oxlife Freedom Specs

Battery Life

Flow Setting Hours of Use
1 Up to 5 Hours
2 Up to 4 Hours
3 Up to 3 Hours
4 Up to 2 Hours
5 Up to 1.75 Hours







Oxygen Output

Flow Setting Oxygen Output
1 160 ml/min
2 320 ml/min
3 480 ml/min
4 640 ml/min
5 800 ml/min






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