Lifestyle P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Rhythm or the Respironics SimplyGo: Which one is right for you?

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Oxygen patients have a very important job when it comes to breathing. Something so simple and second nature for most people is now an aspect of your day or night that doesn’t come as easily. In fact, without the help of a supplemental oxygen device, breathing effectively can be close to impossible, and cause a lot of health related damage.  



Oxygen therapy patients need an oxygen device, either in the form of an oxygen tank, oxygen canister, or a portable oxygen concentrator.   


Depending on your oxygen needs set by your doctor after a series of tests that measure your oxygen levels, you will be put into the category of pulse flow or continuous flow, possibly both depending on your activity. 




Similarly to how not getting enough oxygen is harmful, too much supplemental oxygen can also cause health related issues. Getting the right amount, not too little, not too much, is how you will get the best results and reap the most benefits from oxygen therapy. 



The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy




Oxygen therapy has several benefits, the number one benefit is how it has been proven to add years to your life, in fact, it is the only treatment option for COPD patients that can increase your life expectancy. 


Multiple studies display how using supplemental oxygen for at least 15 hours a day helps people live longer if they have severe COPD and low blood levels of oxygen.


Pulse oximeter


Oxygen therapy has good short-term benefits too in people who have COPD!


For one, getting the proper amount of oxygen and maintaining healthy oxygen levels throughout the day and night improves your energy levels and mood, helps you sleep better, and reduces other respiratory symptoms. 


It second handedly promotes bone health and building muscle strength because you are more capable of consistent exercise! 




With the right oxygen device, exercises will seem more doable, so if you are currently on oxygen and do not exercise, you might consider switching from tanks and canisters to a battery powered lightweight oxygen device like a portable oxygen concentrator! 


We will display these options for portable oxygen devices in this blog!


Other treatments like pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise, and medications can ease your COPD symptoms and improve your quality of life. But it is only your portable oxygen concentrator or other oxygen device that can make a difference in the quality and quantity of life you have! 


Misc Health Icons


When it comes to oxygen devices, you want something that is A reliable, and this means it gives you the proper amount of oxygen and B something that is manageable to bring with you everywhere you go. 


To put it simply, you will need your oxygen device all the time for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is important to have a device that is lightweight, easy to carry, requires minimum maintenance, and never runs low on oxygen.


We recently added new portable oxygen concentrators to the LPT Medical catalog that do just this. 




The Lifestyle P2 from Rhythm Portable Oxygen Device 


The Lifestyle P2 from Rhythm is one of the smallest and lightest units on the market. At 4.37 pounds, it offers pulse settings 1-5 and gets up to 5 hours of battery life.   


Lifestyle P2


Rhythm products, specifically their Lifestyle P2 portable oxygen concentrator, is not only built to keep oxygen users like you safe, comfortable, and independent, it is also a source of guidance and education. Lifestyle Mobility Aids exists with a simple mission— to take care of people with medical needs, including those with respiratory issues that need supplemental oxygen to survive. 


What Comes With the P2 Rhythm Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

  • P2 Rhythm Portable Oxygen Concentrator 
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Rechargeable Battery 
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Tubing
  • Filter
  • Manual
  • 3 year Warranty 

Additional Accessories Available for the P2 Rhythm Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

  • Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • External Battery Charger 
  • Custom Carrying Case



Compact and Lightweight



The Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Rhythm stands 6’3” tall, 3.3” wide, and 8.7” long, making it as small and compact as an oxygen device can be while still offering you a powerful pulse flow of oxygen that meets all of your oxygen requirements.


This is a pulse flow device that weighs 4.37 pounds, so it weighs less than the Inogen One G3, and the One G5, which is great news for you because less weight means more mobility, and more mobility is exactly what you need as an oxygen patient.


Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Therefore, having a small and compact oxygen device helps propel you forward to reach your mobility goals, rather than dragging you down.



Perfect for Travel and Everyday Use

Weighing under 5 pounds, your Lifestyle P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect travel companion. You can use this device everyday and every night as your main source of oxygen supply, and it fits in the palm of your hand!


Ditch the heavy cumbersome oxygen tanks!


No tanks


Take the P2 on the plane with you, it is FAA approved for travel, and don't worry about running out of oxygen, the P2 runs off of rechargeable batteries that can be recharged anytime!


Simply plug in the AC powered cord into the wall outlet as you would charge a cell phone, and continue to breathe. Wherever you go in the world, oxygen will follow, as long as you have your P2 by your side.

Oxygen Output That Will Never Let You Down 




The Rhythm P2 is a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator with settings from 1-5, offering almost every pulse flow oxygen patient a chance to experience life in a way oxygen patients never had before.


Lifestyle P2


The powerful compressor inside the device offers high quality oxygen as pure as 96%. The high absorption sieve beds require less maintenance and less stress for you! On top of all of this, the P2 produces barely any noise as far as portable oxygen concentrators go.



Simple Charging

The battery life of the P2 is notable, lasting up to 5 hours on a setting 1 and it can last almost 2 hours on the highest setting 5!




Owning two of these batteries is great option for taking full advantage of owning a battery powered oxygen device. Use one battery inside you device at a time and charge the other battery so it is ready to go using the external battery charger.


Switching the battery is as easy as it is to charge it, just slide the battery into place until the latch returns to the upper position. There will be an audible sound when the battery is in position.


The Respironics SimplyGo is another portable oxygen device that many oxygen users, specifically those who need continuous flow oxygen use!




The Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator




Philips Respironics broke the stereotypical design for continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators when they released the Respironics SimplyGo. And ever since it was released it has been one of the top continuous flow units on the market!


However, its small size isn’t the only reason it’s been one of the top units on the market. Backed by one of the biggest names in the respiratory field, the SimplyGo is as reliable as they come!



First Continuous Flow Portable Under 15 Pounds




Weighing in at a mere 10 pounds and standing 10" H x 6" D x 11.5" W, the SimplyGo is one of the smallest and lightest continuous flow portables available! You will be able to bring it with you wherever you go and you will have no problem finding a place to store it.


Your SimplyGo will easily fit underneath the seat in front of you on the airplane, you can store it on the floor of your car or in the passenger seat as you drive, and when you don’t need to use it you will be able to put it in your closet without having to clear space for it.




Although 10 pounds is extremely light for a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator, it’s still pretty heavy to carry. But you won’t need to worry about that! Your SimplyGo package will include a custom carrying case and a wheeled travel cart so you have the option to carry it over your shoulder or you can pull it behind you on the travel cart.

Designed for 24/7 Use


Having a portable oxygen concentrator that is designed to run 24/7 has some major advantages! You’ll never have to worry about renting a concentrator when you travel and you will always have a backup to use at home!


The Respironics SimplyGo is CPAP/BiPAP compatible and it is equipped with both pulse flow and continuous flow oxygen delivery modes to cover you 24/7. It offers pulse flow settings 1-6 and continuous flow settings 0.5-2.0 LPM.


Not to mention its compressor is rated to last 20,000 hours!


One additional feature the SimplyGo has to offer is its sleep mode technology! Whether you’re on the airplane or relaxing in your chair at home, and you feel yourself dozing off, you can turn sleep mode technology on to ensure your oxygen gets delivered while you are sleeping.




When you turn sleep mode technology on your SimplyGo increases its sensitivity to detect your breath and it softens the pulse flow delivery so it doesn’t wake you up. Don’t worry, if your SimplyGo doesn’t detect a breath or if you breathe through your mouth it will automatically switch back over to continuous flow to ensure you get your required oxygen.

Can Operate Using 1 or 2 Batteries




The Respironics SimplyGo gives you the ability to operate it using one or two batteries using the optional external battery module. One battery will be perfect for things like exercising, running quick errands, and doing things around your home while using two batteries is ideal for traveling, road trips, and extended trips away from your home!


Whether you want to run your SimplyGo off of two batteries, or you simply need a replacement battery for the one you already have, replacement batteries are lightweight and easy to swap in and out. Batteries can be charged through the portable oxygen concentrator with a wall or car charger or externally with the external battery charger. 


AC Power Supply

The AC power supply is ideal for home use or to power your concentrator in your hotel room/cruise ship room. It is equipped with a 110v power cord and you can use your SimplyGo on every oxygen setting while it is plugged in.


In fact, the AC power supply essentially turns your SimplyGo into a home oxygen concentrator. As long as your SimplyGo is plugged into the AC power supply it will give you an endless supply of oxygen!active 5 chargers

DC Power Supply

The DC power supply gives you the ability to power your SimplyGo and recharge your batteries on the go! It is equipped with a 12v power cord allowing you to plug it into the 12v outlet or cigarette lighter in your car, truck, boat, or RV.


Unlike some of the other continuous flow portables on the market, your Respironics SimplyGo will be able to operate on every oxygen setting while you are recharging your batteries with the DC power supply. Just remember to turn your vehicle on before you plug your SimplyGo into the DC power supply. This will prevent you from blowing a fuse or draining your vehicle’s battery


Other accessories for the Respironics SimplyGo: 

  • Custom Carrying Case
  • Humidifier Kit
  • Travel Cart
  • External Battery Charge
  • External Battery Module



Overall, the Lifestyle P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is one of your best options for pulse flow oxygen devices! On the other hand, if you need continuous flow, the Respironics SimplyGo is still a lightweight oxygen device that is capable of fulfilling all of your oxygen needs.


Speak with a respiratory specialist today, 1-(800)-946-1201. They are here to answer your questions about the Lifestyle P2 and the Respironics SimplyGo as well as the othre mazing devices LPT Medical has to offer! 

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