Introducing Our New Inogen Carrying Bags — The GO2 Carryalls

New Inogen Carrying Bags


If there’s one thing that we stress here at LPT Medical, it’s the importance of portability in your daily life. You have errands that you need to run, people you need to meet, and goals you want to accomplish. But without an oxygen concentrator that matches this lifestyle, you’ll likely be stuck at home twiddling your thumbs instead.


This is why we’ve introduced you to innovative portable oxygen concentrators like the Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5. These concentrators, among others, have set the bar pretty high for pulse flow units by combining the power and reliability of home oxygen concentrators into a lightweight and durable product.


While the G3 and G5 alone offer plenty of freedom and convenience, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve upon them. Last week, we took a look at seven essential accessories for the Inogen One G5 where we discussed products such as the G5 custom carrying bag and the G5 backpack. These G5 bags offer two distinct ways of wearing your Inogen One G5 unit; the custom carrying bag is for the minimalist and the G5 backpack is for the traveler.


Now, we’re happy to announce a new type of Inogen One G3 and G5 carrying bag: GO2 Carryall Inogen One G3 Handbags. On the surface, the GO2 Carryalls look like other purses or handbags, but they’re actually uniquely designed to fit the needs of an oxygen patient on the go. They offer ample storage space like the G5 backpack and convenient carrying options like the G5 custom carrying case. Let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect when the GO2 Carryalls release this spring.


The Inogen One G3 Genuine Leather Deluxe Handbag

The Inogen One G3 was released in 2012 with praise from oxygen patients everywhere. This pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator was so revolutionary that it still holds up today as one of the preferred POCs on the market, despite the release of many other well-qualified contenders.

Now you can carry your G3 around in style with the Inogen One G3 Deluxe handbag. This new carrying bag allows you to carry your G3 easily and live life on your own terms knowing that your medical oxygen is at your side all day long. It’s a versatile accessory that matches well with both formal and casual attire and has plenty of features that set it apart from the G3 carrying case and G3 backpack.

GO2 bags with G3

Stylish and Clean Design

Possibly the most unique thing about the G3 deluxe handbags is their look. Unlike oxygen tanks which stick out like a sore thumb as you’re wheeling them around, your G3 will be inconspicuous inside the deluxe leather handbag. When the bag is zipped up, the only thing that will be showing is the oxygen tubing. If it’s too long, you can easily coil it up and store it neatly in the bag so that it’s not in your way.


Some people are self-conscious about carrying a medical oxygen device in public, so we’re happy to provide patients with an option that can match their style while still offering all the benefits of other carrying bags. Each deluxe handbag is made of genuine leather, meaning it will feel smooth to the touch and won’t have that fake plastic look that many handbags do these days. It also has heavy duty brushed brass fixtures and zippers that have a high-quality look and feel to them.


G3 in GO2 bag


These handbags are versatile enough that they can match virtually any style, casual or formal. Whether you’re simply taking a trip to the grocery store or you’re going to a formal event, you’re sure to get compliments wherever you go. This G3 leather bag comes in two colors: black and brown, so you can choose which one matches your style best.  


Secures Your Device While Walking

Let’s face it, oxygen concentrators are an investment. They’re not typically something you’ll just buy on a whim like a cup of coffee. Inogen portable oxygen concentrators are extremely durable and reliable, but like any electronic device, they’re still susceptible to scratches and dents. So, you can never be too careful when you go out of the house with your G3.


The custom carrying case and backpack do provide some protection for your device, but ultimately, if you want the best protection, you should go for the G3 deluxe handbag. While the custom carrying case aims to be thin and lightweight, the deluxe handbag is made of genuine leather that protects your oxygen machine from anything that could damage it. It slides snugly into the main pocket on the bag so it won’t move around while you’re on the go.


Woman carrying GO2 carryall

We strongly recommend avoiding water at all costs because the Inogen One G3 is not waterproof. However, by using the deluxe handbag, you’ll have an extra layer of security if you experience unexpected rain or snow. The bag can be zipped up with only the oxygen tubing sticking out the side allowing you to keep your unit dry until you can find shelter. 


Hassle-Free and Ergonomic Design

The G3 deluxe leather handbag was designed for ease-of-use. When you’re on the go, you shouldn’t have to waste any time fiddling with your device, so this bag makes it as easy as possible. In order to change your flow setting or check your battery life, all you’ll need to do is unzip the main compartment on the bag. You’ll also have full access to your cannula stem and charging port while you’re out.


Many people have different preferences when it comes to the way they carry their bags, so the G3 leather bag offers plenty of options. If you want to carry your bag like a purse or handbag, you can attach the hand straps to the brass fixtures on either side of the bag. However, if you’d like to carry it on your shoulder, you can attach the adjustable padded shoulder strap to the fixtures on the front and back of the bag. Give both options a try and see which one is most comfortable for you.

Cannula Loop

On the front of the bag, you’ll find the Innovative cannula containment pouch which helps keep your oxygen tubing tidy while concealing it from view. There’s a small ring on the side that you can feed your cannula through which will hold it in place and prevent so that it’s not dangling around while you move around.


Another thing oxygen users will be happy to find is plenty of storage space on this handbag. The G3 leather bag has two external zipper pockets, one internal zipper pocket, and a snap pocket that’s perfect for carrying an additional battery or other G3 accessories like the external battery charger. You’ll easily have enough extra space to store personal belongings like your car keys, wallet, or cellphone as well.

Brown GO2 Carryall

Oftentimes, we get concerns from G3 users that their portable oxygen concentrator won’t work correctly when it’s inside a bag. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem with the G3 leather bag because it has ventilation panels on either side of the unit. Your G3 has both air intake vents, which bring in unconcentrated air, and an exhaust vent that expels nitrogen. This bag has a mesh material covering each of them.


The Inogen One G5 Gentlemen’s Collection

While the Inogen One G5 hasn’t been around for nearly as long as the G3, that hasn’t stopped it from taking the industry by storm since its release. Offering up a superb battery life, unmatched oxygen output, and new features like the Inogen Connect, the G5 is the ideal POC for a large portion of respiratory patients.


Gentlemen's Collection GO2 Carryalls


If you’re in the market a new Inogen One G5 carrying bag, the gentlemen’s G5 bags may be just what you’re looking for. Unlike the deluxe handbag which is made of genuine leather, the gentlemen’s G5 bags are made of a heavy-duty and durable canvas material. They’re also a neutral gray color which works great with just about any wardrobe imaginable — casual or formal. 


Gentleman's Satchel

The G5 Gentlemen’s Satchel

Much like the leather handbags for the G3, the G5 gentlemen’s satchel will hold your G5 securely while providing you with plenty of room to store personal belongings and G5 accessories like the G5 double battery or the G5 DC charging cable. The front pouch is very precisely sized in order to keep the G5 from sliding around while you’re out and about enjoying your day. 


Secure Foldover Pouch

At first glance, you may think that the G5 Gentlemen’s Satchel is secured using the two buckles on the front of the bag. However, these are just for design. The foldover flap used to contain your Inogen One G5 is actually secured using two clip-in buttons on the front of the bag. In turn, this makes the bag look classic and stylish without the hassle of having to undo the buckle every time you need to access your G5 control panel.


Gentleman's Satchel Interior


Durable Canvas Material

Canvas is a material that’s commonly used for purses, backpacks, and handbags because it looks great and it’s resistant to tears. Like with the leather bags, we don’t recommend taking the Gentlemen’s Satchel in the rain or snow, but it’s water resistant enough to prevent your G5 from becoming damaged if you’re caught out in the rain. If it does happen to get wet, be sure to leave it in a well-ventilated area to dry out before using it again.


Gentleman's Slimline

The G5 Gentlemen’s Slimline

The Gentlemen’s Slimline G5 bag is mostly the same as the satchel but doesn’t have a pocket to store personal items and accessories. The G5 slimline bag is perfect for someone who wants to carry the Inogen One G5 by itself. The obvious advantage to this is that your device will take up less space making it easier to carry and store.


Convenient Oxygen Tubing Port

In order to access your oxygen tubing and nasal cannula more easily, the G5 slimline bag has a port on the top. If you need to stop to adjust your tubing, you won’t have to open the bag or hassle with removing the Inogen One G5 from the bag entirely. It also contributes to the inconspicuous design of the bag in case you’re self-conscious about carrying an oxygen device around in public.





Similar to all of the new Carryall bags, the slimline is well-ventilated to ensure your device is not obstructed while it’s on. The mesh material is found toward the bottom of the bag near the battery and along the side where the intake and exhaust vents are located on the Inogen One G5. 

Gentleman's Slim Interior


The Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5 are two of the most lightweight, reliable, and efficient portable oxygen concentrators on the market. As such, they deserve a high-quality bag to match. The new GO2 Carryalls have the functionality of other Inogen accessories, but they’re more fashionable and they allow you to carry your oxygen device in a more inconspicuous way.


If you like these bags, be sure to purchase one that matches the device you currently own. While you may be able to use them interchangeably, the ventilation panels will not match up, so your oxygen machine may not work properly. Refer to your user manual if you have any questions about where these are located. 

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