How to be Happy Throughout Your COPD Diagnosis


Happiness, an emotional state of being that humans are innately attracted to. Happiness overall embodies positivity and satisfaction, yet it is a subjective well-being that makes an individual truly happy. This means that everyone's happiness is rooted in something unique to them, and their journey through life is fueled by their own desires, and while society can inflict its bias on everyone and sway people into believing there is only one way to be happy, in reality happiness is limitless.


But how can you be happy if you are suffering? If you have COPD, it is fair to say that you are spending a lot of time in discomfort and even in pain, both physical and emotional, so seeking out happiness throughout you COPD diagnosis can seem like a daunting and even impossible task. 


In this blog, we look into your COPD symptoms and how you can ease some of these uncomfortable feelings associated with your disease. Beyond treating your disease there are a few ways that you can begin to feel happy again, and we hope that some of these concepts resonate with you so you can start implementing them into your life. 




At LPT Medical, our goal is to help respiratory patients nationwide by giving them the oxygen equipment they need at the most affordable price. We offer the very best portable oxygen concentrator on the market that gives respiratory patients the freedom and independence many people crave in order to be happy! Again, happiness is subjective, and unique to every individual, which is why we supply many different brands, makes, and models on POCs, check out our inventory on our website, or reach a respiratory specialist based in Denver, CO by calling 1(800)-946-1201 

Happiness is Reliable and Easy Oxygen Equipment 


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For many respiratory patients happiness is having oxygen equipment that is not only reliable but helpful. Studies have proven that oxygen therapy prolongs life in patients who are a certain level of hypoxic. So while the oxygen therapy is giving you a quantity of years back, remember that the type of oxygen equipment you are using can impact the quality of those years you are getting back.   

If you utilize oxygen therapy you are most likely using one of these three methods:


  1. Portable oxygen concentrators 
  2. Liquid oxygen tanks 
  3. Gas oxygen tanks 


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There are several reasons why POCs give oxygen patients a quality of life that tanks cannot. 




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First and foremost, is the portable aspect of a POC compared to the two alternative methods. POCs were designed with the active oxygen patient in mind. We wanted to give oxygen patients who were looking to be more active the opportunity to do so without being weighed down by heavy machinery.


POCs like the Caire Freestyle Comfort weight just under 5 pounds and have an ergonomic shape that makes this device easy to carry with you in a Caire Freestyle backpack, or its Caire Freestyle custom carrying case. Have the accessibility to move freely around your home is happiness in itself. But in addition to this you will have the capabilities to exercise more frequently which is known to increase happiness and promote healthy emotional responses, and for many people more exercise means more happiness.  




Battery powered

If you have an oxygen tank, you have to spend a lot of time and money waiting for your oxygen to be delivered to you weekly. Spending all of this cash and waiting around for a delivery service would weigh on anyone. There are often delivery delays that cause unnecessary stress, not to mention additional fees and price jumps for oxygen services that you have been using for years. 


With a POC you are cutting off all dependability you have on other aspects outside of your control. Instead you are responsible for charging your device, and that's it. The Respironics SImplyGo POC is a pulse flow and continuous flow device, and its battery can last up to 3.4 hours, and when it needs to be charged you can do so almost anywhere. With the AC and DC charging cable you will be able to plug in your device at home, in the car or RV, even a boat! 


Because POCs are not oxygen reservoirs, you can travel with your POC on an airplane. And it is no surprise that travel promotes happiness in so many people! If you love to travel, but are limited by your oxygen tanks, it could be very beneficial to you and your happiness to buy a portable oxygen concentrator.


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Happiness is Treating your COPD with Care and Attention 

For many people happiness is keeping their COPD symptoms at ease and treating their disease diligently in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since we already discussed oxygen therapy, there are 6 other main treatments for COPD that can make a very big difference in the quality of life and happiness you are experiencing throughout your diagnosis. All of these treatments can go a long way in easing some of your symptoms and supporting your mental health. 


  1. Medication 
  2. Quit smoking 
  3. Eating a COPD healthy diet 
  4. Taking supplements if you have deficiencies 
  5. Pulmonary Rehabilitations
  6. Therapy and/or support groups 



Happiness is Appreciating the Little Things 

Life is hard, and it's harder if you have COPD. The simplest thing in life, breathing, is being stripped away from you. It is uncomfortable and disheartening. Life seems unfair, and it is in the hardest and most painful moments you have to be strong enough to appreciate the small things in your life that are positive. 


This is so much easier said than done, and it takes effort and time to be able to accomplish this practice. Here are some steps into focusing on the positive things:


1. Start a journal and write down one thing a day that you are grateful for. This can be easy because you can write down something as small as being grateful for a cup of coffee, or the support of a loved one. Try to think of something different everyday. 


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2. Drink more water and eat healthy. Staying hydrated and good gut health is directly related to our emotional responses in our brains, so what you eat has a large impact on how you feel emotionally. 


3. Connect with your family and friends.Even if you can only do this virtually, try to call and speak with someone that you love once a day, even if it's just for a small amount of time. Humans are very social creatures, and social interaction can promote happiness if you value togetherness. 


4. Try mediation. Mediation is the practice of being in the here and now, which is something everyone struggles with from time to time, and if you have COPD or another chronic illness it is even harder to be present. It is very possible that you are thinking about your next doctor's visit, or how you once love to do something that you are incapable of doing now that you are sick. Thinking about the past and future can cultivate a negative headspace. Mediation helps bring you back to this moment, so you can start to focus on your life right in front of you rather than the past and future moments that are out of your control. 




5. Treat yourself. Understanding that you are in a difficult position and giving yourself credit for going through the trials and tribulations of your disease is a useful way to promote a little bit of happiness in your life here and there. Think about what brings you joy whether it is scoop of ice cream or a new pair of shoes, and go out and get it!! Remember that these little gifts to yourself are sometimes a form of instant gratification, and the happiness you gain from these types of endeavors can be fleeting, but every so often we all need a little pick me up!

Happiness is Being Empathic 


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Empathy is an interesting thing, and often confused with sympathy. As a person with COPD, it is easy to forget that the people around you are going through their own challenges, and as small as those hardships may seem to you compared to what you are going through, people’s challenges are relative to them and their experiences. 


If you can find the energy to be empathic to a loved one in your life, you will gain a sense of understanding and more importantly perspective. 


Perspective is the lens in which we see and react to certain situations, the broader and more complex your perspective is the more in control of your emotional state you will be. This means that by taking a step back from the issue or circumstance in front of you you will be able to see the bigger picture and deal with the issue reasonably rather than being intimidated and stressed out by your situation. 




Empathy helps you broaden your perspective by connecting with other people on a level deep enough where you understand that everyone has hardships and while you are suffering and COPD is a very invasive disease, you have the ability to get stronger and deal with your disease and life in general. 


COPD patients have to be some of the strongest and most willful people on the planet. They are constantly struggling to breathe and experiencing other symptoms on top of that daily. The mental and physical exhaustion is something that a healthy person would ever understand. Yet, here you are, alive!


Happiness is attainable, and as hard as it may seem, if you can find happiness in the simple things if you are able to change your perspective and focus on more positive things. You can also do a lot for your well-being by getting oxygen equipment that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Lastly, being diligent and treating your COPD can make a huge difference not only for your physical wellbeing but your mental state of mind!

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