How the Inogen One G5 Compares to New Devices Supplied by LPT Medical: The Active Live Five

How the Inogen One G5 Compares to New Devices Supplied by LPT Medical (1)


The Inogen One G5 is the newest of Inogen's oxygen devices. The One G5 is a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator (POC). The One G3 and One G4 came before the One G5, and all three of these devices are some of the best POCs money can buy. The easiest way to buy an Inogen device is to call LPT Medical at 1(800)-946-1201, but before you do, make sure you weigh all of your options! 


Buying a Portable Oxygen Concentrator 

If you are in the market for a new pulse flow oxygen device, read about why a POC is the best option for oxygen therapy, and follow up that information with the best portable oxygen concentrator for your lifestyle. 




In this blog we talk about the ways in which POCs are better than oxygen tanks. This comparison should give you the confidence in your decision to switch from tanks and canisters to a battery powered oxygen device. 


We will then discuss one of the NEW portable oxygen concentrators that are available for purchase on our website today! 




In this blog we will dive into everything you need to know about The Live Active Five. If you want to see our other new devices on our website, you will find the Lifestyle P2, and the DeVilbiss iGo 2 Portable Oxygen Concentrators.


Each device has its special features that make it top of its class. And because LPT Medical only supplies our customers with the best oxygen technology, we were ecstatic to add the Active Five to our already stacked catalog!  


Let's start with getting to know the Active Five!


The Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator 


active 5


The Live Active Five is a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator from Precision Medical Inc. This company is a global pioneer in respiratory care focused on manufacturing medical devices. 


This all-American brand provides hospitals and individuals with high-quality medical products, each carefully crafted and meticulously assembled by hand, to give you oxygen that you need that won’t cost you your freedom! 


bone and ost-1


The Live Active Five pulse flow portable oxygen device is one of a kind, and offers you a number of features beyond oxygen output that makes your daily life easier. Designed to give you independence and flexibility, Live Active Five is a powerful, lightweight portable oxygen concentrator featuring an ergonomic design. 


The Live Active Five can be worn comfortably either across your body or over your shoulder for a hands-free breathing experience.


active 5 carrying


The Live Active Five can help you save money by eliminating the high recurring costs of deliveries and the burden of managing cylinders. This device also minimizes maintenance and time dealing with issues by getting rid of the basic "pressure only" system which causes you to frequently need to replace your sieve bed. 


Just because this device is small, doesn't mean it is not powerful! The Active Live Five weighs 5 pounds and is 8.4 in. in height (21.4 cm), 3.2 in. (8.3 cm) wide, and 8.5 in. (21.6 cm) long. Its small size does not hinder its ability to produce high oxygen output and quality! It produces 87% to 95% oxygen concentration at a flow rate of 1-5, which is just as powerful as the famous Inogen One G5.


active 5 1


Only Precision Medical POCs use Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology ensuring each sieve bed is perfectly regenerated every cycle. This optimizes sieve bed performance to produce high oxygen purity (95.5%) for a longer period of time. With Controlled Minute Volume (CMV), you will receive therapeutic oxygen at maximum effectiveness, regardless of your breath rate.


With the single battery installed, the Active Live Five only weighs 5 pounds! On a single charge, and depending on the setting, the Live Active Five can last for up to 6.5 hours! But if you are a relatively active person that likes to be out and about, then having an extra battery or the Live Active Five Battery Charger will come in handy.


active 5 chargers


You can easily switch out your batteries with the top-loading design of the Live Active Five, allowing you to quickly change the battery while the device is still in its custom carrying case. This system is conveniently designed with intentions to extend your battery life as needed without having to carry the extra weight of a double battery.

There are two ways to charge your device:

AC Power Adapter: The AC power adapter allows the device to be connected to a wall outlet. Using the AC power adapter will allow you to use the device and will simultaneously charge an installed battery.




DC Car Adapter: The DC car adapter allows the device to be connected to 12-volt DC auxiliary outlet, which is the cigarette lighter in your car. Using the DC car adapter also allows you to use the device and will simultaneously charge the installed battery.

Easy Maintenance and Technical Support Built In


This portable oxygen concentrator has a built-in Concentrator Performance Information (CPI) Technology that helps to easily identify unit problems that may occur in its lifetime. This technology, powered by Bluetooth, tracks unit activity which can then be analyzed so that you get direct support from the manufacturer.


The Live Active Five comes with a custom-designed carry bag that allows you to comfortably wear the device on either side of your body or as a cross body. This dual curve design keeps the nasal cannula in place, and the bag’s smart strap prevents it from accidentally unhooking from the oxygen outlet.


Patient support -jpg


No matter how you choose to wear the Live Active Five, the custom carry bag always keeps the unit’s screen and cannula front-facing so you are able to adjust the settings when you need to. The carry bag strap has a soft padded cushion that makes the bag feel lighter while carrying and helps ease back and shoulder pain.

Traveling with the Live Active Five


travel -jpg


The Live Active Five POC conforms to all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acceptance criteria for POC carriage and use on board aircraft. Just be sure that when you make flight arrangements, many U.S. airlines require advanced notice if you plan on using a POC while on board the aircraft as well as evidence you have additional battery power!


Prior to the flight, ensure your Live Active Five is clean and in good working condition. Bring enough charged batteries with you to power your Live Active Five for at least 150% of the expected duration of your flight, including ground time before and after the flight, security screenings, connections and possible delays.


Caire freestyle comfort packing for travel  (1)


FAA regulations require that all spare batteries be individually wrapped and protected to prevent short circuits. Spare batteries can only be carried on board in carry-on baggage.


Inogen One G5 


one g5 backpack


When it comes to portable oxygen concentrators, many of our customer’s oxygen demands cannot be satisfied due to the lack of pulse flow settings.


With the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator that will not be a problem, as this device offers pulse flow settings of 1-6!


Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


So as your breathing rate and requirements change depending on if you are laying in bed or exercising, the Inogen One G5 has the ability to satisfy your oxygen demands.


You will be able to enjoy these same oxygen delivery benefits at night while you sleep thanks to the presence of Inogen’s intelligent Sleep Mode Technology.




Essentially what this means is that as your breathing rate becomes more shallow as you sleep, the Sleep Mode Technology will go to work by increasing each bolus dose of oxygen.


Even if you are a mouth breather, the Sleep Mode Technology is able to detect shallow mouth breaths that are frequent when sleeping. This will then tell the Inogen One G5 to trigger a bolus dose based upon your specific fixed minute volume. 



Now, most of our customers are able to use this technology to sleep with the Inogen One G5, however, we highly recommend you first speak with your doctor before using this while sleeping.


The Inogen One G5 may be the most popular POC on the market, but it is not the only POC that will give you the freedom to be mobile and travel! 


The Live Active Five is a great option for oxygen patients who are wanting to be out and about and more active.


If you are getting on a new exercise regimen your oxygen concentrator needs to be reliable and easy to move around! The Live Active Five will take care of all of your oxygen needs and with the carrying case and lightweight design, you will be able to bring it on walks with you and to the gym!


With the long lasting battery life, you will be able to go to the grocery store and run errands during the day without having to lug around heavy tanks. 


One thing people love about the Inogen One G5 is how easy it is to use! Well the Live Active Five makes adjusting your oxygen levels and charging the battery as needed a breeze. 


The Live Active Five is a reliable oxygen device, but should something go wrong, avoid the trouble shooting all together, with the built in technology, the manufacturer will be able to pinpoint the issues you're having at a glance!


If you are interested in learning more about the Live Active Five or another device call 1-(800)-946-1201, We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions!


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