Give Your Lungs a Break With These Top-of-The-Line Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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Giving your lungs a break is an important daily task you, as a responsible COPD patient, should work towards.


Every time you are able to make your lungs work less, you are bettering your condition and your livelihood. This can be as simple as getting an air purifier in every room of your home and should be as constant as adhering to your oxygen prescription daily. 


In this blog we talk about the easiest way to give give you lungs a break. The best thing you can do is acquire a portable oxygen concentrator that will help you move through the day and your life with ease. In order for that to be a possibility, you need a supplement oxygen device unit this is lightweight, reliable, and affordable! 


As you probably know Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease is a progressive illness that is not curable. Therefore, your treatment and how you manage this disease is essential to ensure your COPD does not progress quickly into a more severe stage of COPD


Resting you lungs is, in itself, a treatment for managing COPD. By reading this blog, you can expect to learn the best oxygen units that will help you to manage your disease effectively and subsequently improving your quality of life with COPD


Taking your Oxygen Therapy Seriously 




If you are prescribed oxygen therapy, adhering to your prescription as you doctor orders is essential for taking care of your lungs, and overall health and well-being. 


Long-term oxygen therapy is the only known treatment for COPD that is proven to extend the life expectancy of COPD patients. Therefore, using your oxygen equipment correctly can help you live a better quality life longer. 


In this section we will discuss three portable oxygen concentrators all of which are reliable but each device is designed to cater to a different oxygen patient. 


The ARYA P5 portable Oxygen Concentrator 




The ARYA P5 portable oxygen concentrator is already making a name for itself in the oxygen industry as one of the smallest and quietest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. It is one of the newest portable oxygen concentrators available and it's not only small, it's also reliable, gets great battery life, and offers 10 different oxygen settings for more accurate dosing.


Along with being one of the smallest and quietest portable oxygen concentrators on the market, the ARYA P5 portable oxygen concentrator has some amazing features that set it apart from the rest of the units on the market.


LPT Medical Arya P5 Package


The ARYA P5 is going to make getting back to living an active life as easy as possible. It’s lightweight with long-lasting battery life helping you regain your freedom and independence. It gets up to 8 hours of battery life and offers 10 different oxygen settings! There’s no other lightweight portable oxygen concentrator on the market that will give you more accurate oxygen dosing while running for up to 8 hours


There are several reasons why oxygen patients should be excited about the new ARYA P5 portable oxygen concentrator. The first, and most importantly, is that the oxygen delivery service is unmatched.


Arya P5 Accessory Bag

When looking for a portable oxygen concentrator, the second most important priority should be the weight and size of the oxygen device.


As mentioned above, the ARYA P5 is one of the smallest and lightweight portable oxygen concentrators money can buy! It weighs just 5.5 pounds with the battery installed, and it stands 9.8” W x 3.8” D x 9.25” H.


At 5.5 pounds, the ARYA P5 is going to be a great companion for anyone that is interested in a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercise becomes easier, being more mobile and independent is also an option now. Traveling no longer seems like a chore, but it is something to be excited about!


Not to mention, with the ARYA P5 you will have the oxygen you need without sacrificing other parts of life. Go exercise, grab lunch with your friends, or spend a day golfing without feeling weighed down by your oxygen.


The ARYA P5 is a device that will help first time oxygen users and long time oxygen users by giving everyone who needs supplemental oxygen therapy the freedom and independence they need.


The ARYA P5 offers a high oxygen output to accommodate as many oxygen users as possible. The ARYA P5 has 10 adjustable oxygen settings. It offers pulse flow settings 1-5 and increases by increments of 0.5. This precision oxygen delivery is important for people so they are getting the exact amount of oxygen their bodies require, not too much and not too little!


Arya P5 in Case With Strap White


It offers pulse flow settings 1-5 that can be adjusted in 0.5 increments. So whether you’re exercising, feeling sick, or are experiencing an exacerbation you will be able to increase the machine’s oxygen output to get the oxygen you need. Just remember to check with your doctor before you increase the flow rate on your machine.


The ARYA P5 also comes equipped with RATE RESPONSIVE THERAPY™ (RRT) that delivers oxygen on demand! Everytime the device senses an inhalation, the breadth th triggers the device to respond accordingly. Whether a patient is climbing the stairs or taking a walk, ARYA P5 will automatically respond to the breath rate by adjusting the amount of oxygen needed to ensure the patient remains saturated.


The ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator  




The ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator (POC) that can cover oxygen patients that need pulse flow oxygen delivery  less than 5 liters per minute. 


One of the best things about the ARYA portable oxygen concentrator aside from it being lightweight (5 pounds) and having a long lasting battery (up to 16 hours) is the comprehensive warranty. It's not often you see a manufacturer give you an extended warranty on the portable oxygen concentrator as well as the sieve beds! 

With the ARYA portable oxygen concentrator you will have added peace of mind knowing you get lifetime warranty on the unit and an industry leading 5 year warranty on the sieve beds!


Most manufacturers offer a 3 year warranty on their unit and a 1 year warranty on the sieve beds. But ARYA truly stands behind their product like no one in the industry.


The Respironics SimplyGo 



The Respironics SimplyGo is both a pulse flow and continuous flow POC. It has the capabilities to support oxygen patients that need pulse flow operation up to 6 liters per minute or 2 liters of continuous flow. 


Weighing in at a mere 10 pounds and standing 10" H x 6" D x 11.5" W, the SimplyGo is one of the smallest and lightest continuous flow portables available! You will be able to bring it with you wherever you go and you will have no problem finding a place to store it.


Your SimplyGo will easily fit underneath the seat in front of you on the airplane, you can store it on the floor of your car or in the passenger seat as you drive, and when you don’t need to use it you will be able to put it in your closet without having to clear space for it.




Although 10 pounds is extremely light for a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator, it’s still pretty heavy to carry. But you won’t need to worry about that! Your SimplyGo package will include a custom carrying case and a wheeled travel cart so you have the option to carry it over your shoulder or you can pull it behind you on the travel cart.


The SeQual Eclipse 5 




The SeQual Eclipse 5 POC is a popular continuous flow device that is also reliable and durable. It is rated to last for years and the POC of choice of the U.S. military! 


The pulse flow settings range from 1-9 and the continuous flow settings range from 0.5-3.0 LPM, so it is able to cover most oxygen patient’s needs, and some!




As mentioned above, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is one of the most, if not the most, popular continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators on the market. That is largely due to its long-standing track record for being durable and reliable. If it’s good enough for the US Military, that should tell you something.


The hard-bodied shell of the Eclipse 5 is extremely protective. It will keep your concentrator protected from everyday wear and tear, accidental bumps and bruises, and if you have pets or grandkids in the house it will be able to withstand their crazy antics.


One of the best things about the Eclipse 5 is that it requires very little maintenance from you to keep it running. All you need to do is wash your filter once every week or two depending on how often you use your Eclipse and you are good to go! 

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