A Guide Into Saving Money & Saving Time With A New Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Is spending the upfront cash on a high-quality oxygen machine really worth It? How do you know you're making the best choice? 


Read this blog to learn about all of the ways having a portable oxygen concentrator can impact you life. In this post, you will also learn which oxygen devices help you pursue your goals, while others may hold you back! 

Oxygen and medical equipment for people with chronic conditions like COPD, lung failure, or cystic fibrosis is an essential part of daily life. 


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Some patients need oxygen 24/7, while others only need it while they sleep or just when they exercise.


No matter the case, getting the appropriate amount of oxygen is a crucial part of treatment that can add years to your life. Chronic lung conditions are also known as progressive disease, meaning they get worse over time.


The general decline in health or function will get worse faster if the condition goes untreated. Once the condition goes untreated, there are more risks of infection that could cause other issues not only in the respiratory system, but the circulatory system, bones, and muscles as well.




Treating your condition with a treatment plan set by you and your healthcare team is the only way you can avoid hospitalization, because there is no cure for chronic conditions, so once the damage is done, all you can do is try to keep it from getting worse. 


To learn more about COPD and life expectancy you can read the article linked in blue. 

What is Supplemental Oxygen Therapy 


Oxygen face mask


Once your disease progresses to a certain degree of severity, supplementary oxygen therapy becomes a crucial part of your treatment, and it is not “optional”.  Your blood oxygen levels are so low that your body cannot function properly anymore, and without the therapy other parts of your system will break down and health issues will occur much more frequently. 


Supplementary oxygen therapy is one of the principal treatments your doctor will recommend and prescribe to you once your blood oxygen levels reach hypoxic levels


That's right…


You will need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy an oxygen device from a licensed distributor. Of course, there are knock off portable oxygen concentrators that are advertised to help people who have a hard time breathing, but these devices do not work and buying a cheap oxygen device will only cost you more money in the long run. Not to mention it will do no good in treating your condition, so it is also a waste of valuable time you could be spending saving your life! 




Most oxygen users have the choice of which oxygen method they prefer to use…


You will most likely be able to choose between a portable oxygen concentrator, a liquid oxygen tank, or a gas oxygen tank.

Here is Why Portable Oxygen Concentrators Make the Most Sense Financially


money over lungs


There are pros and cons that come with each method, however, a portable oxygen concentrator is a far better choice for people who are looking to travel, maintain an active lifestyle, and are looking to save some money.


Save money on a portable oxygen concentrator?? There's no way! 


Yup, in the long run you will actually save money by purchasing a portable oxygen concentrators from LPT Medical rather than spending the cash on refilling you tanks fro the rest of your life. 




Once you own a portable oxygen concentrator like the ARYA Artivto Max you have an unlimited amount of oxygen. Simply recharge the device, and you're set to breathe all day long!

Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work Just as Well as Tanks, If Not Better!

So, how does your portable oxygen concentrator administer oxygen? 




Your portable oxygen concentrator comes with either a 8 cell or 16 cell rechargeable lithium ion battery, and depending on the device you have it will last anywhere from 2 hours - 16 hours! The battery is what powers the device to extract air from the surrounding environment and the filter inside the device cleans the air of particles and purifies the oxygen you breathe in through the tubing into medical grade oxygen. 




Portable oxygen concentrators are sleek and compact, compared to a cumbersome oxygen tank.


Most of the pulse flow oxygen devices are no larger than a regular sizer handbag, and they all come with a custom carrying that makes everyday chorus and traveling around with your oxygen a breeze. 

Get the Oxygen you Need in Order to Take Care of Other Parts of your Life 




The other factor you must consider while handling a chronic lung disease is that supplemental oxygen won’t cure anything, it will simply give you the oxygen you need that will support other parts of your life. This means that oxygen will help you get on track with your exercise routine, mental health, and sleep. 


So you will need to treat the disease in other ways in order to minimize the risk of experiencing exacerbated symptoms. And besides things like taking your medications and bronchodilators, oxygen will give you the tools to exercise and sleep better, which will in-turn improve your mood and help with breathing related depression and anxiety.




Say No To Cumbersome Outdated Oxygen Tanks 


no tanks


That being said, having the right oxygen equipment makes a big difference when it comes to the user's experience and overall livelihood.


Tanks and canisters take away basic human freedoms and leave the oxygen patients at the will of their oxygen delivery service company, they are tied down to the enormous reservoirs while at home, and the canisters only last so long while on the go. 


Also, don’t even think about traveling far… oxygen tanks and canisters are not allowed on any aircraft.


travel -jpg


Traveling by car with an oxygen tank or the small canisters is always risky, not only because it's flammable, but also because the tank could run out and if you don't bring extra oxygen you will have to pay a pretty penny to get your oxygen refilled outside of your area. 

What are your Portable Oxygen Concentrators Options 




There are several brands of concentrators that are reliable and built with integrity, these brands include:

1. Inogen Oxygen

2. Respironics 

3. Oxlife (O2 Concepts)   

4. Inova Labs


Brands like Inogen specialize in pulse flow devices and they recently put out a device that is remarkable because of its small size and weight yet its ability to give off oxygen at a rate sufficient for almost any oxygen user that needs pulse flow operation, and we are talking about the Inogen One G5.




The One G5 has long lasting battery life and it only weighs 4.7 pounds, meaning you can carry this device with you either in its custom shoulder bag, or in the One G5 backpack


If you don't require a pulse flow operation that is higher than 4 or 5, you could use the Caire Freestyle Comfort or the Inogen One G3, and have a device that is lightweight and last for hours on one charge!




If you need continuous flow you can still use a battery powered portable oxygen concentrator! These devices will be heavier and larger than pulse flow devices because they require more power, but they are still very easy to move and travel with.  


The Respironic Simply Go is the lightest weight continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator on the market, and it weighs 10 pounds!




It is equipped with a battery that is rated to last up to 6 hours of battery life on a pulse flow setting of 2 and up to 1.8 Hours of battery life continuous flow setting of 2! 


If you are interested in the Respironics SimplyGoyou will also get: 


  • 1x Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Custom Carrying Case

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