8 Day-to-Day Activities You'll Enjoy With Your Inogen One G5

8 Day-to-Day Activities Youll Enjoy With Your Inogen One G5

Inogen is an oxygen concentrator company that never slacks when it comes to quality. Since their inception in the early 2000s, they’ve delivered reliable, state-of-the-art portable oxygen concentrators that maximize the freedom and independence of each oxygen patient who uses them. Inogen works hard to ensure that, with the release of each new portable oxygen concentrator, they’re on the cutting edge in terms of battery life, ease-of-use, and maximum oxygen output.


Their latest portable oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One G5 is just one more example of why Inogen continues to be such a successful oxygen equipment manufacturer. Potentially its most notable accomplishment is its high oxygen output. This enables more people than ever before to experience the freedom that comes with having a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator. And since it’s so far ahead of its competition, G5 owners can rest easy knowing that their unit won’t be made obsolete in the months or years to come.


In the past, we’ve talked about a lot of the considerable freedoms you’ll regain while using your Inogen One G5. For example, we’ve talked about how the G5 is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) meaning you’ll be able to fly wherever you want in the world while still receiving the oxygen you need. We also talked about how easy it is to take a road trip with the G5. By using the G5 DC power cable, you can charge your oxygen machine wherever you go, allowing you to sightsee at your own leisure.


All of these things are great and prove that the G5 really is the most advanced portable oxygen concentrator ever created. But the truth is, many people don’t enjoy long flights or road trips across the country. For many people, it’s the little things that count like being able to see their family more often or cook a meal without the help of a caretaker. If you’re someone who enjoys the little things in life, read on, because we’re going to take a look at 8 day-to-day activities you’ll be able to enjoy with the Inogen One G5.


Going to the Grocery Store

In the 21st century, people have thought of solutions to just about any problem you can think of. All it takes is a quick Google search to find that many grocery stores have a delivery service. For just a small fee, you can have someone gather all the produce you need and have it delivered to your home all within the same day. Grocery delivery is unbelievably convenient for people who are bound to their bed with a debilitating illness, however, if you have mild to moderate COPD, you may feel bad about relying on grocery delivery when you could go out and do it yourself.



Two women at a grocery store.


Before you had COPD, you may have thought of grocery shopping as a chore. Grocery stores are often crowded and chaotic environments which can be stressful to deal with after a long day at work. But if you’ve been bound to your oxygen tank or home oxygen concentrator for years, chances are, you’ve come to miss the freedom of getting out and doing your own shopping. Fortunately, the Inogen One G5 will make grocery shopping a breeze. With up to 13 hours of battery life on one charge, you’ll never feel like you’re pressed on time while shopping.


Taking a Walk in the Park

The United States is currently enduring a mental health crisis. Despite the majority of individuals being wealthier than previous generations, many people report feeling unhappy, alone, and depressed. For younger generations, this might simply be a matter of setting aside the phones or tablets and connecting more with friends and family, however, for older generations, it’s a little more complicated.


Woman and man walking in the park.


Many older Americans are afflicted with conditions like COPD that prevent them from getting out of the house. This could be taking a huge toll on peoples’ mental health, a subject that’s often ignored when it comes to older adults and seniors. What’s more, studies have shown that people who get outside each day are less likely to experience common health complications like cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and more.


Getting out of the house and taking a walk in the park is incredibly easy with the Inogen One G5 and it could go a long way in improving your happiness. Unlike continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators, the G5 is light enough to carry on your shoulders. What this means is that you’ll never have to worry about lifting it over curbs, or wheeling it through a puddle of water or mud. Weighing in at just 4.7 pounds, you’ll be able to stay out all day without feeling out of breath.


Visiting Friends and Family

In the grand scheme of things, there really isn’t anything more important than the time you spend with your friends and family. While your career, hobbies, and interests are all important, ultimately, your family is what will make you feel whole. 


Unfortunately, COPD and other chronic illnesses tend to put a strain on many relationships. If one of your family members is acting as a caretaker to you, they may feel stressed by the added work. And from your perspective, it may be frustrating feeling like you’re a burden on your loved one. While this is a completely natural and common reaction to a situation like this, it’s not something you have to simply “cope with.”


Woman with her granddaughter.


While COPD is a debilitating disease, its symptoms can be significantly reduced by following the treatment plan set forth by your pulmonologist. This will likely include a strict diet, some form of exercise like pulmonary rehabilitation, and most importantly, oxygen therapy. When you follow all of these things to a tee, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your friends and family.


One great thing about owning a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator like the Inogen One G5 is that they’re remarkably easy to operate. All you need to know how to do is turn the device on, adjust the flow settings, and replace the batteries on the bottom of the unit. This is in stark contrast to something like an oxygen tank that requires you to purchase and know how to use a separate concentrator device to refill the tanks. If not, you’ll have to drive to an oxygen company that’s able to refill them. This is why many oxygen patients need a caretaker — it’s a lot of work!


Cooking a Healthy Meal

One activity many COPD patients miss is cooking. If you’re using a home or portable oxygen tank, it’s very dangerous to work in a hot environment or around an open flame. So, cooking is strictly off-limits for many oxygen patients. 


Another problem with not cooking your own meals is that you have less control over what you eat. You may spend more money eating out or you may opt for unhealthy fast food. These foods are often high in salt which will cause you to retain water, making breathing more difficult. Acidic foods like soda or sugary sweets can also cause complications by increasing inflammation in the body, leading to chest pain.


Woman cooking


Alternatively, when you cook your own meals, you know exactly what’s going in it; you’ll be able to target specific nutrients that your doctor recommends for treating COPD symptoms. The Inogen One G5 will give you the mobility you need to navigate the kitchen with ease and most importantly, it doesn’t have the same safety risks associated with oxygen tanks. Since portable oxygen concentrators contain no compressed oxygen, there’s no risk of them exploding or becoming damaged if they’re around a flame.


With that being said, it’s still important to be cautious while cooking and using an oxygen concentrator. As a COPD patient, you’re extremely sensitive to airborne particles like smoke, so ideally you’ll want to cook in the oven and avoid overcooking anything. You might also want to open a window or turn on a fan to prevent airborne irritants from settling in one room. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to recruit chef Mike! (microwave).


Doing Chores Around the House

Like cooking, the Inogen One G5 will also give you the freedom to do daily chores without help from a caregiver. While most people aren’t ecstatic about doing chores, they do have several proven therapeutic benefits. Many psychologists would suggest that having a clean and organized home and workspace is a great way to boost your mood and self-worth. What’s more, you’ll see more benefits is you’re the one doing the cleaning rather than a maid or your caretaker.


Woman cleaning her sink.


Another reason to clean up around the house is for your safety. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor areas even in industrialized cities. One of the main reasons this is the case is because the air is concentrated. If your home has poor circulation, airborne irritants and contaminants will stay in one area and you’re likely to inhale them at some point during the day. For someone with COPD, this can increase the risk of experiencing a COPD exacerbation.


Using the Inogen One G5, you’ll have a much easier time completing chores around the house like vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and dishwashing. The best part of all? You’ll be able to carry your portable oxygen concentrator with you the whole time. Unlike with oxygen tanks, you won’t have to constantly stop what you’re doing and walk over to your oxygen device if you’re feeling out of breath. Accessories like the Inogen One G5 Custom Carrying Case will keep your device light and allow you to carry it securely wherever you go. If you don’t want to carry it on your shoulder, you can also buy some longer oxygen tubing and walk around with your concentrator on the floor. If you use this method, be sure not to trip over the tubing or step on it as you could trip or damage your POC. 


Going to Church

One of the biggest concerns oxygen patients have before purchasing a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator is how loud they are. Oxygen tanks make very little sound, so they don’t want to give them up if it means using a noisy, obnoxious device. Fortunately, this is not the case. Oxygen concentrators are very quiet, and the Inogen One G5 is one of the quietest currently on the market!



Woman in wheelchair at church.


On a flow setting of 2, the Inogen One G5 only puts out 37 decibels (dBA). This is comparable to a quiet conversation or whispers even. What’s more, it’s not an annoying noise like you might expect. It just gives off a slight buzzing noise. Many people compare it to the sound of a refrigerator because you’ll notice it at first, but after a while, you won’t even notice it’s there. If going to a church service each Sunday is your goal, you’ll be happy to know that it won’t be disruptive to other people. However, if it causes any concern you can move to the back of the congregation.


Going to the Library

Another activity you’ll feel comfortable doing with this quiet portable oxygen concentrator is to go to the library. For many people, going to the library is a great way to escape from the hectic nature of day-to-day life and read a good book or two. However, if you’re left to deal with a loud continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator, you’re likely going to have to move away from other people. While the sound of the Inogen One G5 shouldn’t be a problem, if you’re concerned about disturbing others, try setting it under a table while you’re using it.    




Taking Up a Hobby

Last but certainly not least, you should think of taking up a new hobby once you have your Inogen One G5. Hobbies are not only great for passing the time and occupying our minds, but they’re part of what defines people and their purpose. Unfortunately, when someone is diagnosed with COPD and they’re bound to their oxygen tank or home oxygen concentrator, they may lose sight of their favorite pastime.




Whether you want to get out and go fishing with your grandkids or you have a hobby to pursue at home, it’s important to start doing things again. Not only will you be doing something productive and interesting, but it will take your mind off your respiratory condition and focus on more positive things. With the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator at your side, you’ll worry less about having a reliable oxygen supply so that you can concentrate on what you’re trying to accomplish.



Over the past couple of decades, Inogen oxygen concentrators have enabled oxygen patients to experience more freedom and independence in their daily lives than ever before. Unlike oxygen tanks and home oxygen concentrators that came before it, the Inogen One G5 excels when it comes to a lightweight design, ease-of-use, quality, and durability. With an astounding oxygen output of 1,260 ml/min and a flow setting of 6, the G5 puts out more oxygen than any pulse flow concentrator ever produced.


The Inogen One G5 is approved by the FAA and offers plenty of accessories to ensure that oxygen patients are able to travel wherever and whenever they want. But it also has plenty to offer for people who want to enjoy the little things like taking a walk in the park or visiting with friends and family. The G5 was just released in the summer of 2019, so you can rest assured that it will be supported by Inogen for years to come. 


If you have any questions or concerns about what you read here, please feel free to leave a comment. And if you’d like to learn more about the Inogen One G5, fill out the contact form at the side of the page so we can get back to you.

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