10 Major Advantages of The Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Think about your daily routine, it likely involves a number of different activities that range from resting, to moving around and doing chores, exercising, reading, and of course sleeping. If you are using oxygen therapy at home your oxygen flow requirements may vary from the morning to afternoon, from day to day, depending on the season. Even if you need oxygen all day and all night the rate at which you need oxygen may not be consistent.


If you have more severe symptoms associated with COPD or you have overlapping conditions that restrict the proper amount of oxygen getting through your lungs, you likely need a continuous supply of oxygen flow. This means that you need oxygen delivery from your oxygen concentrators to be constantly flowing, even if you are not taking a breath.

If you only sometimes need a continuous flow of oxygen, for example, at night time while you sleep  or during exercise, and during the day while doing less strenuous activities you only need pulse flow oxygen, you have the option for one device that meets all of your oxygen requirements no matter what time of the day or night.

It is also important to note here that you should be weary of where you are purchasing a oxygen concentrator, and if you are not going through a authorized dealer, you will get a machine that does not give you medical-grade oxygen, and it will not operate correctly.




The Respironics SimplyGo: Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator Designed for 24/7 Use


Here are all of the major advantages of owning or renting a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator designed for 24/7 like the Respironics SimplyGo:

1. It is light-weight and portable 

A continuous portable oxygen concentrator like the Respironics SimplyGo is the first continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator under 15 pounds, weighing in at only 10 pounds! Making it the most portable option for oxygen users who need continuous oxygen flow or who need both pulse flow and continuous flow.

This concentrator offers pulse flow settings 1-6 and its continuous flow settings range between 0.5-2.0 LPM

So just how portable is this unit?

The SimplyGo will easily fit underneath the seat in front of you on an airplane, you can store it on the floor of your car or in the passenger seat as you drive. When you don’t need to use it, you will be able to put it in your closet without having to clear space for it.

10 pounds is extremely light for a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator, however it can still be pretty heavy to carry. That being said, the SimplyGo package includes a custom carrying case and a wheeled travel cart so you have the option to carry it over your shoulder and switch between pulling it behind you on a travel cart.



2. You’ll never have to worry about renting a concentrator when you travel, because your own can travel safely with you.


Before you travel, you should acquire your doctor’s clearance and advice, if you are traveling to high-altitudes (Denver, CO) or a place with low air quality (Los Angeles, CA or Salt Lake City, UT) you doctor should advise you on the proper oxygen flow setting your POC should be set to.

If you Invest in a Portable Oxygen Concentrator you will be allowed to travel with your oxygen device whereas oxygen tanks and liquid oxygen aren’t allowed on planes. Be sure to contact your airline in advance to tell them you’ll be traveling with oxygen and to learn their individual policies.




Look around at different airlines and consider different policies because some airlines may provide supplemental oxygen and some may require you to book a second seat for your equipment.

When you are traveling, carry your prescription to provide proper documentation about your condition.

If you can, try to get a seat with access to a power outlet in case your batteries need to be charged. Or you can fully charge your batteries before leaving and carry a backup with you. Contact your doctor to see if you’ll need to increase your supplemental oxygen as your plane reaches higher altitudes.


3. SimplyGo is CPAP/BiPAP compatible 

Adding oxygen to your CPAP/BiPAP therapy is a simple procedure. However, it is necessary to speak with your doctor to ensure you are properly operating the devices together.

It is imperative that you understand and can manage your symptoms and the severity of your disease, by being fully familiar with all of your treatments and therapy delivery methods. 




4. Strong pulse flow settings and continuous flow settings

You SimplyGo is equipped with both pulse flow and continuous flow oxygen delivery modes to cover you 24/7.

Until the SimplyGo, you could not get a continuous flow unit under 17-20 pounds and it still has the ability to offer pulse flow and continuous flow. So this unit can manage all of your needs.

It offers pulse flow settings 1-6 and continuous flow settings 0.5-2.0 LPM. LPM is an abbreviation that stands for: litres per minute (l/min). When used in the context of a portable oxygen concentrator flow rate, it measures the velocity at which air flows into your lungs. For example, a flow rate of 2.0 LPM means you concentrator will give you 2.0 liters of air per minute.


5. Its compressor is rated to last 20,000 hours


You can rely on SimplyGo as a long-term investment that will operate far beyond the time you begin saving money on re-filling and the maintenance for you oxygen tank. Not to mention the 3-year-warranty that comes with it!

With less maintenance costs, and no re-filling costs, you will being to relish in the financial savings associated with purchasing a POC. And after adjusting to life with a POC, you will also enjoy the social benefits and freedom you gain for a lifetime!



6. The SimplyGo offers sleep mode technology

Whether you’re on resting on an airplane or relaxing in your living room at home, as soon as you begin to doze off, you can turn on the sleep mode technology on your SimplyGo to ensure your oxygen gets delivered while you are sleeping.

When you turn sleep mode technology on your SimplyGo, it increases the sensitivity to detect your breath, and it softens the pulse flow delivery so it doesn’t wake you up. If your SimplyGo doesn’t detect a breath or if you breathe through your mouth it will automatically switch back over to continuous flow to ensure you get your required oxygen.


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7. It can operate while you are using 1 or 2 batteries

The Respironics SimplyGo gives you the ability to operate it using one or two batteries by utilizing the optional external battery module.

One battery will be perfect for things like exercising, running quick errands, and doing things around your home. If you are utilizing the continuous flow setting the battery can last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the rate at which you are getting oxygen. By utilizing the pulse flow setting, the battery will last longer, about 1.3 hours - 3.4 hours. 

Using two batteries is ideal for traveling, road trips, and extended trips away from your home. 


8. You can charge the batteries in three different ways depending on where you are and what you are doing.

Recharging your Respironics SimplyGo batteries is convenient and easy and you have three options to choose from:

  1. AC Power Supply
  2. DC Power Supply
  3. External Battery Charger (Optional)

The AC and DC power supplies are included with your package while the external battery charger is an optional accessory. With these charging options you can recharge your batteries anywhere!




9. It is reliable and easy to depend on the battery life of the Respironics SimplyGo

The AC power supply is what you will use to plug your deceive into the wall outlet in your home or if you're traveling in your hotel room or cruise ship room. It is equipped with a 110v power cord and you can use your SimplyGo on every oxygen setting while it is plugged in.

In fact, the AC power supply essentially turns your SimplyGo into a home oxygen concentrator. As long as your SimplyGo is plugged into the AC power supply it will give you an endless supply of oxygen!

The DC power supply gives you the ability to power your SimplyGo and recharge your batteries on the go! It is equipped with a 12v power cord allowing you to plug it into the 12v outlet or cigarette lighter in your car, truck, boat, or RV.

Unlike some of the other continuous flow portables on the market, your Respironics SimplyGo will be able to operate on every oxygen setting while you are recharging your batteries with the DC power supply. Just remember to turn your vehicle on before you plug your SimplyGo into the DC power supply. This will prevent you from blowing a fuse or draining your vehicle’s battery.


The Respironics SimplyGo also has an external battery charger that gives you the ability to recharge your batteries without plugging your concentrator into the AC or DC power supplies. It’s a single-bay charger and recharges one battery at a time. It’s equipped with a 110v power cord allowing you to plug it into any 110v wall outlet.

The external battery charger also has the ability to recalibrate your batteries! If you ever feel like your batteries aren’t holding a charge like they used to, simply recalibrate them on your charger.




10. Peace of mind

There is a sense of peace of mind that you will gain by having one oxygen device that can handle all of your needs.

Simplifying your life has been proven to increase well-being and mind fullness. This means that de-cluttering your brain can improve your quality of life, and give you room to enjoy things you once did.

There are a lot of things to worry about when you have COPD or any chronic illness, so it is imperative that you minimize worrying about your oxygen supply.


The Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator will not only help you breath all day everyday, it will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

You do not have to be tethered to an oxygen tank that you cannot fly with, you can not carry easily to play a few holes of golf, and you must spend time and money each week paying for a company to come and refill or replace your tank.

Instead you can change your concentrators batteries anytime anywhere, adjust the flow settings to match your activities with ease, take it on vacations to visit your family, and be conformable carrying it around or wheeling the 10 pound device with you everywhere you go!

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