AirSep Visionaire Home Oxygen Concentrator

As one of the top manufacturers, AirSep doesn’t just specialize in portable oxygen concentrators. They also manufacture home oxygen concentrators that are some of the best on the market! The AirSep Visionaire is their small, lightweight, and energy efficient  5-Liter home oxygen concentrator.

Energy Efficient

Using a home oxygen concentrator is going to increase your electric bill depending on how much you use it. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a fixed income, still working, or retired it’s always nice to save money on bills whenever you can.

The AirSep Visionaire is one of the most energy efficient home oxygen concentrators on the market. Most of the other units draw 350 watts of power when in use… The Visionaire only draws 250 watts.

Small and Lightweight

Weighing in at 30 pounds and standing 14,1” W x 20.8” H x 11.5” D, the AirSep Visionaire is one of the smallest and lightest units in its class. It is small enough to tuck into the corner of the room, store in your closet, and you will have no problems moving it from room to room.

Your AirSep Visionaire can be used with up to 50 feet of tubing and it comes equipped with caster wheels so you will be able to effortlessly move it around your house. You can bring it into the living room to watch tv, set it up so you can relax in your backyard, and you will be able to move it back to your bedroom at night without an issue.

24/7 Use

Whether you only need oxygen when you sleep or you need it 24/7, the AirSep Visionaire has you covered. It offers continuous flow settings 0.5-5.0 LPM making it compatible with CPAP and BiPAP machines. Running at 40 decibels it is quiet enough to not disturb you while you’re watching tv or sleeping. And best of all, it has a 20,000 hours compressor and comes with a 5 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about costly maintenance repairs.

Virtually Zero Maintenance

Maintaining your Visionaire is going to take you 2 minutes a week at the most. Unlike other home oxygen concentrators you don’t have to clean or replace any filters on the Visionaire. All you have to do is wipe it down with after you get a cloth damp with warm water and mild soap. This will help prevent you from getting sick or experiencing an exacerbation from the bacteria that can build up on the machine.

That’s it… All you have to do to maintain your Visionaire is wipe it down once a week or as needed!

Straightforward Operation

Most 5 liter home oxygen concentrators have the same operation and the AirSep Visionaire is no exception to the rule. All you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet, flip the power switch on, and set your flow rate.

The flow meter is extremely easy to use. To change your flow rate, turn the knob on the flow meter to adjust your flow rate. There will be a ball in the flow meter that indicates which setting you are on. The ball will move up and down as you turn the knob.

What Comes With Your AirSep Visionaire?

  • AirSep Visionaire Home Oxygen Concentrator
  • 7ft Nasal Cannula
  • 25ft Supply Tubing
  • 5 Year Warranty on Concentrator

  • What Accessories Are Available For The Visioniare?

  • Humidifier Bottle
  • Humidifier Tubing
  • Humidifier Kit (Tubing and bottle)
  • Nasal Cannula (4ft or 7ft)
  • Oxygen Supply Tubing (25 or 50ft)
  • $645.00
    Availability: Instock
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