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As a company based outside of Pompano Beach, FL, we know what our local community values. We enjoy our time laying out on the beach, spending time with family, walking down the long Pompano Beach Pier, and we even know about the history buffs who find themselves exploring the 1900s Hillsboro Lighthouse at the Hillsboro Inlet. After spending some years in this area, we also know how important it is to stay physically active, whether that's playing tennis at the community park, or enjoy one of the many golf courses in the area. 



There are a variety of activities to do, but there is one thing a person needs in order to accomplish any of these activities: Oxygen. People need oxygen, plain and simple, and not the oxygen many Pompano Beach residents use while diving in offshore coral reefs, but the oxygen every person needs to simply survive on land. If you have COPD, asthma, or sleep apnea, it can feel as if oxygen is slipping further and further away from you with every breath you try to take in. 

About 7.9% of Florida residents surveyed in 2011 reported that they had been told they have COPD by a healthcare professional. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes breathing complications due to restricted airways and/or excessive mucus production. There is no cure for the 16 million Americans diagnosed with COPD, but it can be treated. One of the treatments for patients with COPD and resting hypoxemia is long term oxygen therapy.

Long term oxygen therapy helps people with low enough oxygen saturation levels get back to a healthy routine where they can sustain their daily routine and even regularly exercise without becoming extremely exhausted and short of breath. It has also been proven to extend life expectancy in hypoxemic patients.  

So this is why we are here, a medical supply company, LPT medical, to offer oxygen equipment near Pompano Beach Florida and beyond to the individuals who need it most. We work with all types of customers and we value every single one of them on an individual basis. Every time you call 1-800-946-1201 you get to speak with a respiratory specialist who is qualified and capable of helping you find affordable oxygen equipment even when it comes to the most modern top of the line devices on the market. The Inogen One G5 and the Caire Freestyle Comfort are two of the most reputable portable oxygen concentrators available, and we offer both of these devices either new or used, or opt for a financing plan so there is no pressure to pay the full amount upfront. 

There are a lot of other questions that we would expect anyone to have when it comes to making this decision. So we are ready to answer any questions you may have, but until then, we have some resources available for you.

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