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The nature of being a business selling medical equipment in Fort Lauderdale, Fl is that we have to be the very best in order to make a real impact on our community. This means we do not skimp out on the manufactures we work with, we focus on affordability, and above all we prioritize customer care.


We only work with top-tier designers and innovators in the medical field, the ones who are creating viable options for every person that calls us expecting to be matched with a device that will meet their needs. We are also a family owned business, and we are able to keep our operation focused on creating affordable options for our customers. We are always willing to set up a payment plan on an individual basis, or offer our customers a refurbished unit for much less. Our customers are a part of the LPT family, and they will always come first, your respiratory specialist is just a phone call away! 

Over the years, we’ve quickly become one of the most trusted names, specifically, in oxygen therapy products in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and now the nation. We offer home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators, CPAP and BiPAP machines, and all the accessories you need to make the most of them. 


So what makes us stand out in a world filled with medical supply companies? It is our dedication and overall enthusiasm about the products we choose to carry and sell, in particular our portable oxygen concentrators. portable oxygen concentrators bring to light endless possibilities and promote happiness in our customers' daily lives, why wouldn’t we be focused on these products??

Portable oxygen concentrators are a modern take on the traditional oxygen therapy method, using oxygen tanks, and instead of refilling your tank consistently, the machine compresses the air around into medical grade oxygen so users will never run low on their oxygen supply. There are hundreds of reasons why we recommend portable oxygen concentrators over tanks, but we will let our customers speak for us, click here to read LPT Medical reviews.


For our friends in Fort Lauderdale, a night out on the The Strip means choosing between a diverse array of upscale outdoor restaurants, bars, boutiques and luxury hotels, choosing a portable oxygen concentrators is very similar.  You have to consider the battery life, the weight, its flow settings and much more, which is why we are here: to help you funnel your choices into the perfect decision that will make you, your caregiver, and loved ones happy.


Once you have your own portable oxygen concentrator, you will be free from the limitations of an oxygen tank, and finally comfortable knowing you can travel far and wide, breath comfortably, and feel confident bringing your oxygen device with you where you go. Whether you're spending the day with grandkids at the City's seemingly secret garden Hugh Taylor Birch State Park at the end of Sunrise Boulevard or traveling European-style on the Virgin Trains on a fleet of luxury carts visiting Miami or West Palm Beach or Boca Raton, you will have a trusted companion by your side, making sure all of your oxygen requirements are taken care of so you don't have to worry. 



Come find us, we are happy to be your go to medical supply company near Fort Lauderdale, a safe haven where you can confidently purchase oxygen products with full certainty that we are going to cover your new portable device with at least a three year warranty. If you decide you want a new device, we will buy yours back from you. If you need help affording a device, we will work with you to set up an affordable payment plan. 

These are just a few of the perks of working with LPT Medical, and beyond that we are constantly developing new and exciting promotions that are geared towards saving our customers money. Send us an email at info@ltpmedical.com, or give us a call at 1-(800)-946-1201 and speak with a respiratory specialist about your dreams and aspirations, and we will set you up with an oxygen device that will help you get there! 

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