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Despite the fact that oxygen is essential for human life, only about 21 percent of the earth’s atmosphere is oxygen. The rest of the atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, argon, and other gases. While 21 percent may not seem like a lot, it’s actually the perfect balance of oxygen for most healthy people. Anything less could result in low blood oxygen levels and anything more could result in oxygen toxicity. However, a small portion of people — namely people with respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)  — need to be exposed to higher levels of oxygen in order to stay healthy — this is called supplemental oxygen therapy.

Supplemental oxygen therapy, or simply “oxygen therapy,” requires a prescription from a primary care physician or pulmonologist. And once you have a prescription, you’ll have a wide range of oxygen devices to choose from including, but not limited to oxygen tanks, liquid oxygen tanks, home oxygen concentrators, or portable oxygen concentrators. The one you choose will depend on your oxygen needs, lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

LPT Medical is an oxygen supply company in the Denver area. We focus on pulse dose portable oxygen concentrators which are some of the lightest and most dependable oxygen devices on the market. Concentrators like the Caire FreeStyle Comfort and the Inogen One G5 provide a high oxygen output all in a compact, ergonomic unit that can be taken anywhere (including on flights). We only sell products from reputable, well-known brands like Inogen, Caire, and Respironics.


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As a Colorado-based oxygen company, we understand the need to maintain your freedom if you have COPD. Being able to get out and explore the Rocky Mountains, go golfing, or spend a day on the town are all things that we value, and we want to ensure that everyone has the ability to get where they’re going. This is why we aim to replace as many bulky oxygen tanks as possible with lightweight oxygen concentrators. Since POCs don’t need to be refilled by an oxygen company regularly, they’re actually a lot more economical than traditional oxygen therapy devices.

While we are a local medical oxygen company, we are happy to ship anywhere nationwide. If you live near southeast Denver, however, and you’d like to drop by to speak with us in person, our doors are always open. Whether you have a question about your new unit, you want to pick up a concentrator rather than having it delivered, or you just want to say “hi,” we’re always available to talk. 

As an oxygen company that’s family-owned and operated, our top focus is our relationship with our local Littleton area community. It’s our goal to be the most trusted medical oxygen supplier in the area by providing the lowest prices on the most popular portable oxygen concentrators. Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to advertise these low prices on our website, so we always advise that our customers contact our respiratory specialists by phone or email to find out about our latest promotions. You can reach us at 1-800-946-1201 or info@lptmedical.com.

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