VerteWrap Low Profile Back Brace

VerteWrap Low Profile Back Brace

Researchers have found that people with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are at increased risk for severe back pain.

The VerteWrap Low Profile Back Brace is designed to support the lumbar area of the back, which is located on the lower area of the spine.

The low profile back brace provides support and pain relief, allows for a quicker recovery by stabilizing the back after surgery, and encourages the proper posture during daily activities.

The inside and outside panels are rigid by design to better the amount of compression and comfortability to provide consistent and constant pain relief.

Pain is a significant problem in COPD that is often under-recognized. It can interrupt your sleep, make your breathing worse and make an otherwise good day, bad.

Pain, in and of itself, is not a symptom of COPD but many of our patients experience chronic back pain as they try to carry concentrators or oxygen bottles around to help manage their COPD symptoms.

Treatments for Chronic Pain in COPD

Analgesic pain relievers are the most commonly used treatment for pain in COPD. Such as Motrin, Naproxen, Aspirin, Morphine, Codeine, and topical analgesics like Capsicum.

But the problem with analgesic medications is that some of them can be addicting and if takin over a long period of time they can depress the respiratory center in the brain causing you to stop breathing.

Life PT Medical Recommends the Following Methods for Pain Relief:

  • Ice: Reduces swelling and inflammation associated with chronic pain
  • Heat: Increases blood flow to the tissues; works great for arthritis-type pain. Consider the Therma Moist Heating Pad.
  • Massage: Can help relax stiff joints and muscles, which in turn, provides pain relief.
  • Physical therapy: Provides pain-relieving modalities such as ultrasound and electrical nerve stimulation while teaching you more efficient ways to move and better cope with your pain.


  • Dimensions: 39” L x 8” W x 1” H
  • Covers: L-1 vertebrae to below the L-5 vertebrae
  • Material: Latex Free
  • Product SKU Number: 627S, 627L, 627XL, 627XXL
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