Tender Tubing

Tender Tubing was designed to make sleeping with your CPAP machine more comfortable. The days of sharing your bed with a cold, hard plastic CPAP hose are over! 

Not only does it make your CPAP more comfortable to sleep with, Tender Tubing also insulates your CPAP tubing to prevent and combat condensation problems.

Tender Tubing Benefits

  • Completely reversible
    • plush fleece side is soft and warm; cool, smooth polyester side cuts bedding drag
  • Fleece insulation also cuts tubing noise for sleep ease and environmental comfort
  • A full-length, tough easy-glide zipper means struggle-free insertion of the CPAP hose, and ease in removing Tender Tubing for washing
  • Fully machine washable and dryable at a low-heat setting
  • Hypo-allergenic
Availability: Instock
Color and Quantity
2420-1 Blue - single pack
2422-1 Black - single pack
2424-1 Beige - single pack
2420-6 Blue - 6-pack
2420-48 Blue - case of 48
2422-6 Black - 6-pack
2422-48 Black - case of 48
2424-6 Beige - 6-pack
2424-48 Beige - case of 48