SmartDose Mini Electronic Oxygen Conserver

SmartDose Mini Electronic Oxygen Conserver

Oxygen therapy treatment delivered through compressed oxygen tanks is a common practice, but did you know you are letting an excessive amount of that oxygen go to waste?

Causing you to schedule more tank refills that tack on more and more money to your monthly oxygen costs.

If you are living on a shoestring budget then every penny counts, which is why we highly recommend the SmartDose Mini Electronic oxygen conserver.

The SmartDose mini electronic oxygen conserver by Drive Medical automatically senses your breathing rate and adjusts the flow rate up or down accordingly.

Electronic conservers are necessary if you are looking for the benefits of a conserver, but your respiration is too weak to operate a pneumatic conserver.

Take the leap today and upgrade your oxygen therapy to start saving money off your monthly oxygen costs!

Oxygen Flow Increments that Meet Demand

The standard delivery of oxygen doesn’t account for an increased need for oxygen while being active or a reduced flow of oxygen while being stationary.

This is why oxygen tanks are just plain wasteful, until now. The SmartDose Mini electronic oxygen conserver delivers a quiet and uniform oxygen pulse at increments of 1-5, plus a continuous flow preset at 2 liters per minute (LPM).

No matter the selected flow, your breathing patterns will be continuously monitored and the dosing of oxygen will be matched accordingly within seconds to your activity level.

Conservation is the goal, which is achieved by automatically adjusting the dose of oxygen down at lower activity levels to extend the use of each oxygen tank.

For more precise dosing and saturation, the SmartDose allows for the delivered dose to increase by up to 2 settings during physical exertion, up to a maximum pulse dose setting of 7.

Intelligent and Long Lasting Battery Life

In order to enjoy its auto-adjusting capabilities, the SmartDose Mini needs to be operated with either 2 AA alkaline or 2 AA rechargeable batteries.

You won’t have to worry about constantly charging or swapping out new batteries, because off a single charge majority of patients receive up to 1 year of operation.

To ensure extended operation the SmartDose conserver is also equipped with an auto shut-off feature, that after an extended period of inactivity will automatically turn-off the oxygen conserver.

Travel-Friendly Design

You may picture a bulky and cumbersome oxygen conserver arriving at your door, but the instant you open up the SmartDose Mini you will be astonished by how small it truly is.

Take the SmartDose Mini Electronic oxygen conserver anywhere you go, weighing a mere 15.5 ounces (with batteries) the SmartDose is capable of fitting in virtually any carrying bag.


  • Dimensions: 4.2” x 3” x 5”
  • Weight: 15.5 ounces with batteries
  • Operating Pressure Range: 500-3000 PSI
Availability: Instock

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