Respironics DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM

Respironics DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM

Step into the future of sleep therapy treatment with the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM with Bi-Flex from Philips-Respironics as a part of their Dream therapy product line.

Equipped with auto-adjusting capabilities, this bilevel machine is able to automatically adjust between a set pressure setting for inhalation (IPAP) and exhalation (EPAP).

The DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM is loaded with therapy boosting features so you can enjoy the highest quality of sleep therapy treatment possible.

Offering features such as an easy to view and operate LCD menu, EZStart, Bluetooth technology, SmartRamp, DreamMapper compatible, humidifier preheat, optional heated tube and humidifier, mask fit check, and many more!

The DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM was built on the backbone of customer feedback to deliver comfortable, reliable and accurate treatment.

Bi-Flex Pressure Relief

To enhance comfort and compliance, the DreamStation Auto BiPAP features Bi-Flex pressure relief.

Bi-Flex helps to mimic your natural breathing pattern by softening the transition between inhalation (IPAP) and exhalation (EPAP).

The Flex pressure relief settings range from 0 to 3. As therapy continues, Bi-Flex will automatically adjust to match the adjusted pressure of the DreamStation as it changes pressure throughout therapy.

Auto-Adjusting Sleep Therapy

To further enhance the comfort of sleep therapy treatment with the DreamStation Auto BiPAP, this bilevel machine provides a higher pressure setting for inhalation (IPAP) and a separate lower pressure setting for exhalation (EPAP).

During therapy the DreamStation will monitor you on a breath-by-breath basis, delivering a lower pressure until an event is observed.

The instant an event that requires a higher pressure is recognized, the device will automatically adjust and meet your increased pressure needs. Once the event has concluded a lower pressure setting will be restored.

Optional Heated Tube and Humidifier

Nobody likes to deal with nasal dryness or cracking due to their sleep therapy treatment. In addition to nasal dryness and cracking, sleep therapy treatment can also cause a dry mouth or throat.

If this sounds familiar then the addition of the DreamStation heated tube and humidifier is something you will want to consider.

The delivery of continuous airflow can dry your nose, mouth, and throat out. Leading to painful cracking and nose bleeds.

The addition of the heated humidifier will help to minimize the occurrence of those painful side effects of sleep therapy, by adding humidity into your therapy air before it is delivered.

The heated humidifier offers 5 patient adjustable heat settings, 0 (off) to 5 which offers the highest level of heat.

Another common hassle patients are faced with is known as rainout, which is when condensation builds up in the mask and tubing.

This occurs when the ambient air is cooler than that of the humidified therapy air being delivered. To help prevent this annoying occurrence, Respironics developed the optional Heated Tube.

The 15 mm heated tube offers 5 user adjustable heat settings, 0 (off) to 5 for the highest heat.

There are no additional steps required to use the heated tube, the DreamStation Auto BiPAP will automatically switch to the 15 mm heated tube setting.

The heated tube may be used without the humidifier, however it will not heat.

Dry Box Technology

You may stray away from using the heated humidifier with your DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM machine in fear of water leaking into the device and causing costly damages.

To protect against this Respironics developed dry box technology. In the event that water does manage to escape the humidifier’s water chamber, the dry box will act as a reservoir and trap the water before it has the chance to reach any electrical components.

Humidification Modes

To meet your needs in the best way possible, the heated humidifier features two distinct humidification modes.

If you would like to set your own heat setting, then you will be using fixed humidification mode.

Which simply means that the DreamStation humidifier will stay fixed on your set heat setting.

The humidifier may also be set in Adaptive mode. In Adaptive mode the DreamStation will monitor ambient humidity and temperature, then as needed it will automatically adjust the heat to provide the most effective level of humidity.

When using the heated tube, you may also choose between Fixed and Adaptive mode.

Preheat the Humidifier

What if there was a way to enjoy your preferred level of humidity right when you start your sleep therapy treatment?

The DreamStation humidifier gives you the ability to do just that.

When using the heated humidifier with the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM, you have the ability to preheat the humidifier’s water tank for up to 30 minutes prior to beginning therapy.

To access the preheat setting, use the control dial to scroll to “Preheat” and press down to select.

The preheat screen will only show when the DreamStation humidifier is attached. This will then prompt you to select “Yes” or “No”. When preheat is enabled the icon will illuminate orange.

Ramp and SmartRamp Modes

To provide an upmost level of comfort, the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM is equipped with two ramp modes. The standard ramp mode functions as you would expect.

It will reduce the air pressure at the beginning of treatment while trying to fall asleep and then gradually increases (ramps) the pressure until your prescription level of obtained.

Helping you to fall asleep more quickly and comfortably. The ramp feature may be used as frequently as needed throughout the night.

The other type of ramp mode is SmartRamp. Unlike ramp mode that gradually increases the pressure at a steady rate, SmartRamp will monitor you throughout treatment and increase pressure only if an event occurs.

You must have a BiPAP therapy pressure range greater than 4 cm H20 to use the ramp feature.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Just like the majority of electronic devices, the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM offers Bluetooth technology so it can connect to your phone or tablet that has the DreamMapper (SleepMapper) app installed.

DreamMapper is both a web and app based system that tracks your sleep therapy data so you can enjoy an active role in your sleep therapy treatment.

How to Pair the DreamStation to Your Mobile Device:

Step 1: Ensure that the Bluetooth Setting is Turned “On” on Your Mobile Device
Step 2: The DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM will Appear as “PR BT XXX” Under the Bluetooth Screen on Your Mobile Device (XXXX is the Last 4 Digits of the Serial Number Listed on the Device)
Step 3: Turn the Machine On but Leave the Blower Off, Begin Pairing from Your Mobile Device
Step 4: Once Your Mobile Device is in Range of the DreamStation One of the Following Two Steps will Apply:

  • Your Mobile Device Offers Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing (SSP)
  • Your Mobile Device Does not Support Bluetooth SSP

Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing (SSP): If you phone or tablet features Bluetooth SSP then a Bluetooth icon with a 6 digit number and “Pair?” will pop-up on the DreamStation’s screen.

The six digit passkey is automatically generated during SSP. Check and verify that the six digit SSP passkey matches on your mobile device and therapy device.

If they don’t match use the control dial to select “No”, if they do match choose “Yes”. The DreamStation will then acknowledge the SSP passkey.

Once your mobile device also acknowledges the request, the two will now be paired and ready to connect using DreamMapper.

Your Mobile Device Does not Support Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing: If your mobile device does not support SSP, then it will ask you to enter a pin code. Simply enter “1008” on your phone or tablet.

This will then trigger a pop-up on your DreamStation with a Bluetooth icon, the number “001008” and “Pair?”. Next, use the control dial to select “Yes”.

The DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM machine will then acknowledge the “001008” passkey. Then once your phone or tablet acknowledges the request, both will be paired and ready to connect using DreamMapper.

System One Resistance Control

The Mask Type setting allows you to adjust the level of air pressure relief according to the specific Respiroincs mask being used.

Every Philips-Respironics CPAP mask comes with a System One Resistance rating printed on the device. Allowing you to get the most effective level of air pressure relief for your specific mask.

Check the Fit of Your Mask

Prior to beginning sleep therapy treatment, this feature allows you to check the fit of your mask by measuring the amount of leak to ensure the highest level of effectiveness.

This treatment enhancing feature is accessed under “My Setup”. Once you initiate the test, the DreamStation will deliver a test pressure while the screen counts down from 40 seconds.

If you observe a green bar that indicates a good fit, while a red bar means that improvement is needed. Once the test concludes therapy will return to normal and the DreamStation’s screen will display either a green checkmark or a red “X”.

The green checkmark means that the monitored leak provides optimal performance, while a red “X” indicates that the monitored leak will impact the DreamStation’s performance.

Travel with Peace of Mind

Do you have an exciting vacation coming up but fear your DreamStation Auto BiPAP machine will get damaged in the process?

The included carrying case will help to silence those worries. Keep the DreamStation Auto BiPAP machine, heated humidifier, tubing, and mask safe and sound in the spacious carrying bag.

While traveling just make sure to pack the carrying case in your carry-on luggage to ensure its contents are not damaged. You should also make sure to empty out the humidifier’s water chamber before traveling.

How to Clean the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM:

  • Step 1: Unplug the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM Machine
  • Step 2: Clean the Outside of the Device with a Damp Cloth using Warm Water and Mild Detergent
  • Step 3: Give the Device Time to Completely Air Dry
  • Step 4: Inspect the DreamStation and its Parts for Damage. Replace if Necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

How Come I am Experiencing Dryness in My Nose, Mouth and Throat?

The delivery of positive airway pressure during sleep therapy treatment can dry your nose, mouth and throat out leading to painful cracking and nose bleeds. To combat this consider adding the DreamStation heated humidifier to your sleep therapy.

Is the DreamStation Auto BiPAP DOM FAA Approved?

The DreamStation BiPAP machine is FAA approved, however the humidifier and its components are not.

Which CPAP Masks are Compatible with the DreamStation Auto BiPAP Machine?

All CPAP and BiPAP masks are able to be used.

How Come the Airflow is Much Warmer than Usual?

This may indicate that the air filters may be dirty, or the device is operating in direct sunlight.

How Long can I Preheat the DreamStation Humidifier?

For up to 30 minutes prior to beginning sleep therapy treatment.

Why is the Airflow Not Turning On?

Make sure that the DreamStation is powered properly, and make sure the Home screen appear on the device. Initiate airflow by pressing the Therapy button on top of the machine.

If the airflow is still not turning on, there may be a problem with your device. Contact us at 1-800-269-0726.


  • Dimensions without Humidifier: 6.2” x 7.6” x 3.3”
  • Dimensions with Humidifier: 11.7” x 7.6” x 3.3”
  • Weight without Humidifier: 2.94 Pounds
  • Weight with Humidifier: 4.37 Pounds
  • Pressure Range: 4 to 25 cm H20
  • Flex Pressure Relief: 0 to 3
  • Ramp Time: 0 to 45 Minutes (5 Minute Increments); SmartRamp
  • Exhalation Relief: Bi-Flex
  • Starting Ramp Pressure: 4 cm H20 to CPAP Pressure; 4 cm H20 to Min EPAP (Auto BiPAP)
  • Altitude Adjustment: Automatic
  • Humidification Modes: Fixed, Adaptive
  • Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Product SKU Number: DSX700S11
Availability: Instock