Quick Suction Rail by Lifestyle Essentials

Quick Suction Rail by Lifestyle Essentials

The Quick suction Grab Bars provide sturdy support around the bath tub to help prevent the occurrence of dangerous slips and falls.

A Quick suction rail helps to prevent dangerous slips and falls, they instill in less than one minute with the use of no hardware and no drilling. Supports over 150 pounds and are perfect for traveling and overnights.

The benefits of the quick suction rail are further enhanced when used in congruence with the aluminum bath chair.

Which will allow you to sit down while bathing or whenever you get tired, while the quick suction grab bars will assist in standing up or sitting down safely.


  • Available Sizes: 23.5" or 19.5"
  • Manufacturer: Lifestyle Essentials (Drive Medical)
  • Product SKU Numbers: RTL1270, RTL1272
Availability: Instock