Nuance Pro Nasal CPAP Mask with Gel Nasal Pillows

Nuance Pro Nasal CPAP Mask with Gel Nasal Pillows

Catapult your sleep therapy to the next level with the help of the Respironics Nuance Pro CPAP Mask with Gel Nasal Pillows. The Nuance Pro is the first to offer gel infused nasal pillow masks.

One of the greatest advantages of using the gel pillows is not only are they extremely lightweight, they also provide a new standard of comfort with an enhanced seal. The CPAP mask includes 3 sizes of gel nasal cushions to create a customized fit. The gel cushions for the Nuance Pro are compatible with the Nuance CPAP Mask.

To provide additional comfort and support, the Nuance Pro features a clear silicone frame with gel pads that attaches to a lightweight and non-slip headgear.

In the market for a nasal pillow CPAP mask that isn’t obstructive and only covers your nostrils? Then stop living with the discomfort your current mask provides and upgrade to the Nuance Pro CPAP Mask, a product Life Point Medical highly recommends!

Unmatched Comfort with Gel Nasal Pillows

The gel infused ring of the nasal pillows are composed of soft and flexible gel located inside the pillows and allows the Nuance Pro to contour to the base of your nostrils creating a secure and comfortable seal and greatly reducing nasal irritation caused from an imperfect fit. The Nuance Pro CPAP Mask includes 3 sizing options for the gel nasal pillow (small, medium, large)

Achieving the Right Fit:

  1. Find a Nasal Cushion Size that is Optimal for You by Placing the Nasal Pillows into Your Nostrils (Small, Medium or Large)
  2. It is Important to Choose a Cushion Size that that Allows the Gel Base to Sit Comfortably Under Your Nose Without Any Gaps

Putting on the Mask:

  1. Headgear – Pull the Headgear Over Your Head
  2. Nasal Pillows – Insert the Gel Nasal Pillow Cushions into Your Nostrils

Soft, Non-Slip Headgear

The Nuance Pro will provide you with even greater satisfaction. Featuring an open styled headgear that minimizes facial contact and voids the need for a forehead support. The lack of facial contact and forehead support means a reduction of redness and strap marks being left on your face.

You may be wondering… if there is no forehead support then how will the CPAP mask stay on my face at night? To provide support, the headgear features a wide non-slip back strap and an adjustable top strap to improve fit and seal.

The headgear attaches to the silicone frame by connecting the headgear straps to the tab openings on both sides of the frame.

Adjusting the Headgear and Frame:

  1. Headgear – Adjust the Crown Straps on the Top of the Headgear Until it Sits Just Above Your Ears
  2. Frame – Gently Peel the Tabs Away from the Straps, Adjust the Lengths Evenly, and Press the Tabs Against the Straps to Reattach

Once completed, the mask will rest comfortably against your face. If you are experiencing pressure points try readjusting to customize your fit. The most common mistake is over tightening.

Removing the Mask:

  • Grab the Headgear Back Strap and Pull the Headgear Forward Over Your Head. This will Allow Your Customized Adjustments to Stay Intact

Modern Design Provides Unobstructed Viewing

Watching your favorite T.V. show or reading your latest novel before bed is now as enjoyable as it once was before your need for sleep therapy.

Thanks to the non-medical feel and patient-friendly design of the Nuance Pro. Featuring minimal contact with your face and a clear line of sight, you will barely notice the mask is there while watching T.V., reading or even talking before bed.

Micro Exhalation Ports

No longer wake your spouse in the middle of the night due to the exhalation stream from your CPAP mask. Instead, the Respironics Nuance Pro is engineered with micro exhalation ports that soften and reduce the sound of the exhalation stream.

While the ports are angled towards the short tube, directing air away from you and your spouse. If you are securing the tube over your head with the headgear loop, the exhaled air will be aimed upward.

If you choose to have the tube hanging down the exhaled air will be directed towards your body.

Flexible Short Tube with Rotating Swivel

The flexible short tube connects to your main breathing tube which minimizes the pull on your mask. This design allows the Nuance Pro Mask to be work loser than others.

Additionally, the short tube features a 360° Swivel Elbow that gives you more freedom in where you can position the tube. The short tube creates a buffer between the long hose and nasal gel pillows, the short tube allows for movement during sleep without breaking the seal.

Use the hose strap present on the Nuance Pro Headgear to direct the airflow upwards and to keep the hose out of your way during sleep.

4 Part Design to Simplify Travels and Maintenance

Respironics is known for their minimalistic CPAP mask designs, a reputation that is upheld with the Nuance Pro CPAP Mask. Featuring just 4 working parts, the Nuance Pro is easy to clean, so you can get back to enjoying the things that matter most.

With its small, foldable and lightweight design you can easily stow the Nuance Pro in the pocket of your travel bag without worrying about damaging your mask.

Assembling the Mask:

  1. Elbow – Press into the Retaining Ring Until all Sides are Flush and Aligned
  2. Cushion – Push onto the Backside of the Elbow
  3. Frame – Position the Frame with Retaining Ring Pointing Downward
  4. Headgear – Position so the Tube Management Loop is on Top
  5. Slide the Frame Tabs Through the Headgear slots on Both Sides and Fold Forward to Attach

Disassembling the Mask:

  1. 1. Cushion – Grasp the Pillow Cushions Platform and Peel from Elbow
  2. 2. Elbow – Pull and Remove from Frame
  3. 3. Frame – Undo the Frame Tabs and Pull Through the Slots in the Headgear

Cleaning Instructions for the Nuance Pro

Before the first-use of your Nuance Pro be sure to hand wash the entire mask. The silicone headgear should be washed weekly, or as needed.

  1. Hand Wash with Warm Water with Unscented Liquid Dishwashing Soap
  2. Rinse Thoroughly and Allow the Entire Mask to Air Dry Completely Before the Next Use


  • Do Not Use Bleach, Alcohol, or Any Cleaning Solutions Containing Bleach or Alcohol, or Cleaning Solutions Containing Conditioners or Moisturizers
  • Do Not Place the Headgear into the Dryer
  • Inspect the Mask for Damages and Discard and Replace All Necessary Components

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use the Respironics Nuance Pro CPAP Mask with Any CPAP/BiPAP Machine?

Like any other CPAP mask on the market, the Respironics Nuance Pro is compatible with any CPAP machine using standard CPAP tubing.

Will this Mask Just Cover my Nose or Go into my Nose?

The Nuance Pro by Respironics is considered a nasal pillow mask. The gel nasal pillow features 2 small openings that slightly recede into your nostrils.

Your mouth will not be covered at all. Due to the nasal pillows only slightly being inserted into your nostrils, the Nuance will not typical cause nasal irritation.

Can I Wear Glasses with the Nuance Pro Mask?

The Nuance Pro was designed specifically so patients can read or watch T.V. without the mask blocking thier view. Its design features a low profile modest style to provide unmatched comfort during sleep therapy treatmenst.

Is the Gel Nasal Pillow Replaceable?

Yes! You can not only replace the gel nasal pillow, but it can also be replaced with a different size. Additionally, the Nuance Pro Silicone frame and Headgear can also be replaced.  

Can I Use this Mask if I’m a Side Sleeper?

The low-profile design of the Nuance Pro is much easier to stay leak free while sleeping on your side, due to the mask only sealing at the nose, your cheeks are able to freely rest on your pillow without interference.

I Have a Mustache, Is it Okay to Use this Mask?

Typically beards and mustaches present a difficult challenge to all CPAP masks. But with the low-profile design of the Nuance Pro and its soft gel nasal cushion, it is able to minimize leaks better than competing masks, this would be a good style to try if you have a mustache.

If I have a Pressure of 15, Can I Still Use this Mask?

Yes, the Philips-Respironics Nuance Pro CPAP Mask is designed to handle pressure at a level of 30.


  • Available Nasal Pillow Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Mask Type: Nasal Pillow Mask
  • Recommended Pressure Levels: 3-30 CM H2O
  • Product SKU Number: 1105167
Availability: Instock

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