Inogen One G4 Particle Filter

The Inogen One G4 Filter is a removable particle filter that contains a screen on it that will stop all contaminants from making their way into your device. Inogen One G4 Filters can be washed and reused, which makes them a really eco-friendly option for you, and they are also very affordable so you can replace yours right away should you ever lose the one you’re using or just want to get a fresh start with a new Inogen One G4 Filter.

Inogen recommends that Inogen One G4 users wash and dry the particle filter in their machine at least once a week, if not sooner for those who have a lot of dust and other debris in the air in their homes. By maintaining your Inogen One G4 Filter properly, you can keep your Inogen One G4 working as efficiently as possible. 

In addition to cleaning your Inogen One G4 Filter every week, you should also keep a close eye on it to make sure that it doesn’t lose its shape over time or become damaged. If it does, you could inadvertently be letting contaminants work their way into your device. So you should be mindful of this and inspect your Inogen One G4 Filter regularly to make sure it’s filtering the oxygen that makes its way into your device. This will guarantee that you only put clean, filtered oxygen into your body at all times.

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