Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger

Have you gotten used to taking your Inogen One G4 with you whenever you leave the house so that you can enjoy your life without being tied down by your oxygen concentrator? If so, you have probably seen first-hand just how much power the single and double batteries that are used with the Inogen One G4 can provide.

The batteries are equipped to provide you with plenty of power so that you can go about your business and live the life that you want to live. But if you enjoy spending a lot of time outside of your home or, better yet, if you enjoy traveling, then you have probably noticed that it can be a real pain to have to stop and recharge your battery every time it runs out of juice.

There is a really simple solution to this problem for all of the Inogen One G4 users out there. The Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger will give you the opportunity to keep one single or double battery charged at all times, which will give you even more freedom than you already have thanks to your Inogen One G4.

Rather than relying on an AC or DC power supply to keep your Inogen One G4 running, you can swap out a depleted battery for a recharged one whenever you want. The Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger plugs right into any wall outlet and can charge your single or double batteries quickly and safely.

This will allow you to make sure the battery in your Inogen One G4 is as fresh as possible at all times before you leave your home, and it will also allow you to take an extra battery with you when you're traveling so that you don't run out of power.

The Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger can recharge single and double batteries faster than the Inogen One G4 AC Power Supply or Inogen One G4 DC Power Supply. Once you plug a single battery into it, the Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger will take up to three hours total to charge it up completely. For a double battery, it will take up to five hours. However, because the charger is only recharging your battery and not powering your concentrator your battery should charge faster using the external battery charger.

But either way, you will be able to continue using your Inogen One G4 with a different battery, and you will be able to monitor how much longer it will be before your Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger has charged your battery by keeping an eye on the conveninent LED charging indication system. It makes the charger a must-have accessory for anyone who relies on multiple batteries to make it through the day with their Inogen One G4.

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