Inogen One G3 Particle Filter

The Inogen One G3 particle filter is an essential accessory when it comes to the overall performance of your concentrator. The particle filter prevents pollutants, contaminants, and particles like dust and pet hair from getting into your concentrator and wreaking havoc on the internal components of the G3. You absolutely need to have filters installed in your G3 before you turn it on to prevent damage. 

Because your Inogen One G3 requires 2 particle filters, they are sold in 2-packs. But don't worry, you won't be replacing these filters every month or two. They are designed to last much longer than other filters! Because of the way the Inogen One G3 particle filter is designed, you will only need to replace them about once a year depending on how often you use your concentrator. 

To keep the cost of maintaining your Inogen One G3 down and to make maintaining your G3 as easy as possible, the Inogen One G3 filters are washable and reusable! This way you can get the most use out of them before you need to replace them. 

It’s recommended that you clean your Inogen One G3 Filter once a week or whenever it starts to appear dirty. This will keep clean oxygen flowing through your unit, and it will help increase the airflow overall and prevent you from dealing with a lack of oxygen.

Cleaning your filters takes no more than 5 minutes. All you need to do is wash your Inogen One G3 Filter with a mild liquid detergent whenever it starts to show signs of dirt, allow it to air dry on its own, and then replace it in your Inogen One G3 to start using it again. It’s that simple and will keep your Inogen One G3 in the best possible shape.


Comes in a Pack of 2

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