Evolution Motion Electronic Oxygen Conserver

Evolution Motion Electronic Oxygen Conserver

Varying activities require different oxygen dosing, so why does your oxygen tank continuously deliver the exact same amount of oxygen whether you are exercising, watching T.V., resting or sleeping?

It’s a known fact that you will require a higher dose of oxygen while exercising than you will when you are sleeping.

What if there was a way to automatically adjust the dosing of your oxygen based off your physical demand to minimize waste? We recommend the Evolution Motion Auto-Adjusting Electronic Oxygen Conserver.

The Evolution Motion electronic oxygen conserver correlates the oxygen dosage to your current activity level. This will provide you with a more efficient saturation level, at the same time conserving your oxygen more effectively than other conservers on the market.

This lightweight and extremely versatile oxygen conserver is able to fit into any bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Oxygen Saving Benefits

Once you begin to use the Evolution Motion oxygen conserver you will begin to see the increased use you get out of each oxygen tank.

In fact, the Evolution has a 5:1 savings ratio on all settings! The preservation of oxygen is attributed to the automatic adjustment of oxygen flow rate to match your activity by “sensing” your breath and only delivering oxygen in the first half of your inspiratory cycle.

Available Flow Increments

The available liter flow increments on the Evolution Motion oxygen conserver range from 1-6 LPM in a uniform oxygen pulse from 14-40 breaths per minute and a continuous flow preset setting of 2 LPM.

Programmable Features

One of the greatest benefits of the Evolution Motion electronic oxygen conserver is its ability to program your own specific rest and active settings equivalent to 1 to 6 liters per minute.

This gives you the ability to input your specific liter-per-minute flow equivalent for rest and activity according to your prescription. This means you won’t have to manually adjust your flow settings while running errands or exercising.

Auto-Adjusting Flow Rate

To provide the highest quality of saturation the Evolution motion electronic conserver is designed to automatically adjust to varying activities and breathing rates within seconds.

At the first sign of inhalation the Evolution Motion will deliver a dose of oxygen in the first half of the inspiratory cycle, which means, no oxygen will be wasted.

Extended Battery Operation

With just two AA batteries you will be able enjoy the benefits that the Evolution Motion conserver provides.

Most people can use them for up to a year without even ever having to change the batteries (4 hours of use per day).

To get the longest use out of each set of batteries, the Auto Shut Off feature will automatically go into effect after not being used for an extended period of time.


  • Weight: 14.9 ounces
  • Operating Pressure Range: 200-3000 PSI
  • Battery Operation: 2 AA batteries
Availability: Instock

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