Deluxe Non-Tilt Overbed Table

Deluxe Non-Tilt Overbed Table

Due to the symptomatic and progressive nature of COPD our patients often find themselves too tired to get out of bed due to a lack of sleep or they are forced to stay in bed due to a symptomatic flare-up.

The regular occurrence of this can leave patients feeling depressed or anxious. Sitting in your bed all day can become cumbersome, not to mention, eating and drinking in bed is just plain messy.

Simply because you are bedridden doesn’t mean you can’t be productive in your business or other personal activities that add independence to your daily life.

Complete work tasks on your computer without neck strain, eat without the messiness, keep things close by such as your medicine or nebulizer with the addition of the Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table by Drive Medical.

This adjustable table offers numerous height settings. No longer lay in bed thinking of what you could be doing, instead, boost your productivity level during the times you are forced to stay in bed by utilizing the non-tilt over-bed table.

Available Finishes:

  • Silver Vein
  • Chrome

Durable and Maneuverable Design

Unlike other flimsy and cheaply made bed-top tables, Drive Medical set out to design something that is reliable and can handle the basic wear and tear from regular use.

The walnut wood grain low pressure laminate top not only looks professional, it can also handle a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds. The presence of a laminated finish prevents items on the over-bed table from sliding off.

To match the professional table top design, there is a chrome-plated, or silver vein steel “H” base to provide secure and stable support.

You may also move the non-tilt bedtop table from room-to-room or adjust its positioning with ease thanks to the presence of 2” swivel casters.

Customized Height Preference

Whether you are laying down or sitting up in bed you need a bed table that can meet those needs. Customize the height of this table top to your exact preference in a matter of seconds.

The table can be raised or lowered in infinite positions between 28”-45”. The second you relive pressure off the height adjustment handle the table top will lock securely into place.

Productivity Boosting Work Area

You may be imagining a table top with a small and confined workspace that is engulfed with just a single laptop. Unlike the competitors, the Drive Medical non-tilt top overbed table offers a work space that will boost your productivity levels.

With a 15” x 30” table top you will have the space you need to be as efficient as possible. The large area of the table top also makes eating meals in bed easy and with the non-tilt feature this table makes sure food ends up in your mouth and not in your bed.


  • Table Top Size: 15” x 30”
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Weight Limit: 40 lbs.
  • Base Dimensions: 15” D x 30” W
Availability: Instock