Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full Electric Bed

Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full Electric Bed

Did you know on average we spend 33% of our lives in bed sleeping? For some of our patients who have COPD the thought of getting in and out of bed is not an enjoyable task.

Life PT Medical wants you wake up feeling refreshed each and every day that’s why we recommend the Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full Electric Bed by Drive Medical.

With the slight push of a button you can customize the angle of the beds head and foot areas and change the height of the bed which will make it easier for you to get in and out.

As you adjust the remote control settings you will notice that the transitions are very quiet, this helps make the time you spend in your bed more relaxing and conducive to your lifestyle.

But what makes the Delta Ultra-Light 1000 electric bed truly superior from its competitors is the frame. This bed features a universal bed frame that can be used with all of Drive’s bed ends and most other manufacturers’ bed ends as well.

Position Adjustments with the Push of a Button

We think it’s safe to say that one position certainly does not fit all. Everyone has different sleeping positions that we find more comfortable.

Why should your bed only offer a one-size-fits-all position? You may need the ability to sleep upright in order to breathe better and minimize your COPD symptoms, and some may find they sleep better with their feet elevated to reduce the occurrence of edema or fluid retention in their legs or feet.

With the Delta Ultra-Light 1000 adjustable bed you can choose from a variety of positions and height settings with the push of a button.

The new and improved hand pendent has large and easy-to-read controls.

Choose a height setting that is right for you. (9 ½”- 23 ½”) Just in case you find yourself in the middle of a power outage, for peace of mind, the Delta electric bed controller also features a 9 volt battery. The 9 volt battery can raise and lower the bed 9 times.

Non-Disruptive Operation

Many people who suffer with COPD also suffer with the fear of disrupting those around them. Many choose to avoid fully electric beds because they are afraid of the level of noise they could create.

The Delta Ultra-Light 1000 electric bed offers a lighter motor that is quieter due to its unique self-contained design.

With this bed, you can rest assured knowing you are not going to disrupt those around you as you make adjustments that will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Meets Rigorous Testing Standards

Here at Life PT Medical we strive to provide you with quality products that have passed the most rigorous safety standards.

The Delta Ultra-Light 1000 full electric bed exceeds our expectations. The bed, side rails, and mattress are all safety-tested by SGS, a nationally recognized testing facility.

It also satisfies all applicable FDA entrapment guidelines. Not to mention, customers are finally experiencing a good night’s sleep.

Designed to Match Home Décor

You don’t want a bed that stands out like a sore thumb in the middle of your room, right? Most of us want something that will complement our room and its décor.

The headboard of the Delta Ultra 1000 bed is designed to sit taller than the footboard which gives the bed a little more character.

Quality is one feature that certainly wasn’t left out, the wood grain panels not only look impeccable, but they are also break and scratch resistant.

To simplify deliveries, and minimize the occurrence of injuries, the foot section weighs 50% less than other conventional foot sections.

Seamless Side Rail Installations

You won’t have to bang your head against the wall just to interpret small and hard to read assembly instructions for a simple side rail with this bed.

Instead, anyone can easily attach side rails to increase the level of safety by following the easy-to-read labels and color-coded springs. This method will assure accurate installation each and every time.


  • Dimensions: 36” W x 88” L
  • Deck Height: 9 ½” to 23 ½”
  • UL Approved Motor: Yes
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
Availability: Instock

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