Cushion for the Amara Full Face CPAP Mask

Cushion for The Amara Full Face CPAP Mask

The silicone cushion provides a more conventional seal. The inner silicone wall will help keep your mask in position while the outer silicone flap creates a seal as the mask receives airflow.

The gel cushion consists of an inner gel wall that contours to your face easier. This cushion offers a more reliable and comfortable feel to our patients. The thicker inner gel wall has been known to contour to a face easier and holds the position of your mask longer. The outer gel flap molds to the face to create a better seal.

Available Sizing Options

This cushion is available in either gel or silicone and in four sizes: Petite, Small, Medium, and Large and is the replacement cushion for the Amara Full Face Mask.

Includes Two Frame Sizes

As of September 2013, all the Amara masks are now packaged with the ‘RS’ or Reduced Size frame in addition to the standard size frame. No worries, every size and type of Amara cushions are compatible with both the standard and reduced size frame “RS”.

Checking the Size of Your Amara Frame:

  • Grasp the Amara Mask with the Cushion Facing You
  • Look for the Word "Amara" that is Printed on the Right Hand Side of the Frame
  • If the Frame is a Reduced Size frame, "RS" will be Printed Under the Headgear Clip Area
  • If the Frame is a Standard Size there won't be any Letters Printed Under the Clip Area


  • Silicone Cushion: Silicone
  • Gel Cushion: Gel
  • Product SKU Numbers: 1090290 (Petite Silicone), 1090292 (Small Silicone), 1090293 (Medium Silicone), 1090294 (Large Silicone), 1090490 (Petite Gel), 1090492 (Small Gel), 1090493 (Medium Gel), 1090494 (Large Gel)
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Size and Cushion Type