Caire FreeStyle Comfort Large Battery

Having been released last year, the Caire FreeStyle Comfort is one of the newest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. It stamps on nearly every other portable oxygen device available by offering an outstanding battery life, exceptional oxygen output, and even some additional features like CAIREview™ telehealth technology which could lead to more efficient and secure oxygen therapy for patients all around the world.

Another great thing about the FreeStyle Comfort is that it offers tons of great accessories for you to customize your experience. While each POC comes with a small 8-cell battery, you’ll also have the option to upgrade to a large 16-cell battery for an added cost. If you want to have a 16-cell battery in addition to the 8-cell battery that came with the device, you can purchase it right here through our online oxygen concentrator supply store.

The 16-cell battery has twice the battery life of the 8-cell meaning you’ll be able to run your POC for up to 16 hours without having to recharge it. This will depend, of course, on the flow setting that you use throughout the day. Another benefit of the 16-cell is that it doesn’t weigh a whole lot more than the 8-cell battery so you should have no problem carrying it in your backpack, handbag, or purse.

Flow Setting 8-Cell Battery 16-Cell Battery
1 8 hours 16 hours
2 4 hours 8 hours
3 3 hours 6 hours
4 2.25 hours 4.5 hours
5 2 hours 4 hours
Availability: Instock

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