ADAM Circuit Pillow Interface CPAP Mask

If you or a loved one uses a CPAP machine, finding a high-quality and comfortable CPAP mask is imperative to getting a great night's sleep. Although many CPAP masks can be bulky or painful to wear, the ADAM Circuit CPAP Mask will enable you to sleep through the night without any disruptions.

How It Works

Unlike other CPAP masks, this CPAP mask uses something called nasal pillows. These pillows rest on your nostrils and gently seal them so that your CPAP device works to its full effect without waking you up at night. 

This high-quality CPAP mask comes with three different sizes of pillow (small, medium, and large) allowing you to find the one that works best for you. You can use the velcro fasteners on the side of the mask to keep the mask on snuggly without being too tight. 

ADAM Circuit CPAP Mask Includes:

  • Headgear
  • Small pillow
  • Medium pillow
  • Large pillow
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